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Does the front windshield become more scratchy and mushy on rainy days? Don't worry, CHIEF will help you solve it quickly.

I don’t know if you have ever encountered a situation where the glass is very greasy when driving on a rainy day, as if there is a film on it, and the wiper cannot wipe it clean at all, which especially blocks the view and affects driving safety.

Especially on rainy nights, the glass seems to be smeared with oil, and the light from various street lights and car lights will be scattered and dazzling, making car owners feel dazzled. If they are not careful, they will hit other cars!

The culprit of the above situation is the glass oil film, which is a layer of grease impurities attached to the car window glass. It mainly comes from automobile exhaust, oil smoke, gum shellac, and dust impurities. It is difficult for these pollutants to adhere to the glass. After cleaning, a stubborn oil film will form over time.

Some car owners use dish soap to remove the oil film, but the effect is very poor. For stubborn oil films, you have to rely on professional oil film removers. It is recommended that you use the hot-selling CHIEF glass oil film removal foam cleaner on the Internet. Spray and wipe it on the glass to quickly remove the stubborn oil film, give you a clear vision, and protect driving safety.



  Foam degreasing mask

Make the glass as transparent as new

The Carvalier Glass Cleaner uses finely ground particles, which can deeply break down stubborn oil film factors. After use, you can clearly see that the glass that was originally blurred by water suddenly becomes clear and translucent.


Not blurry in rainy days

 Anti-glare at night

After use, you can have a clear view by turning on the wiper on rainy days. At night, it can eliminate dazzling glare, clearly identify vehicles and pedestrians in front, and ensure the driving safety of car owners.



Universal for all car glass

 360°Clear Vision

The car valet glass cleaner can be used not only for the front windshield, but also for side windows and rearview mirrors. It truly achieves a 360° view of the entire car glass without being affected by the oil film.



Car and home use

Say goodbye to glass stains

In addition to car glass, you can use CHIEF Glass Cleaner to remove oil and stains on your home mirrors, glass doors and windows, and glass coffee tables. One bottle can be used multiple times, and it is cost-effective!


Douyin blogger with millions of fans

  Highly recommended after trying it

The car review blogger "Brother Niu talks about cars" with more than 6.5 million fans on Douyin, after trying the CHIEF Glass Cleaner, confirmed that the product has a remarkable effect in removing oil film, and strongly recommends it to all fans!


To remove oil film from your car, use a CHIEF cleaner!







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