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Official Announcement丨Chief has once again signed the Hong Kong Academy Award-winning actor Louis Koo as the brand spokesperson!

He is a golden actor with superb acting skills. He upholds his original intention and interprets every stage of his life professionally in the multiple identities of his characters.
What a coincidence that the sixth year has begun. It’s great that he is still working hard for the “passion for craftsmanship” like us. We are the right person at the right time and we are still “together because of love.”
2023·5·20 CHIEF & Louis Koo’s fourth sweet engagement strongly opens a new era of consumer brands!

Stay focused with your original intention and show your professionalism with your attitude
It’s the 30th anniversary of the challenge of CHIEF without fear of wind and rain. Let’s start again together!

Ingenuity and strength make each other better

Along the way, he improved his acting skills, worked steadily, and focused on details. He starred in many popular dramas and movies. He was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards four times and finally won the Best Actor at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Louis Koo has always been loyal to his originality and insisted on using good works and acting skills to gain popularity among the audience.
So is the car valet. As one of the earliest national automobile maintenance brands in China, it has been hardworking for 30 years and adhered to craftsmanship and quality manufacturing. With excellent product quality and good reputation, its brand influence has continued to rise, and its market share ranks among the top.
For the fourth cooperation, Louis Koo, who was at the signing ceremony, carefully understood and stopped in front of many car valet care products under the explanation of the valet gold anchor, and was very interested. Goo Jai said: "From the first time to the fourth cooperation now, this time we meet old friends, and the thirty-year-old CHIEF has become more mature and stable. With 30 years of deep experience in the car maintenance market, a national brand, based on quality, deserves more car owners trust!"

Set sail and embark on a new journey for consumer brands

In the post-epidemic era, new media + live streaming has become the main trend of social development. As a domestic first-line automotive supplies brand with more than 5 million fans on Douyin, in 2022, with its huge fan traffic and high-quality products, Chevali has been on Douyin and Kuaishou short video platforms, as well as traditional e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, JD.com, and Pinduoduo. It has fully blossomed on the business platform and ranks first in the industry.

2023 coincides with the 30th anniversary of the establishment of CHIEF. This fourth signing with Louis Koo not only heralds another upgrade of trust between the two parties, but also opens a new milestone for CHIEF on its new journey to become a consumer brand.

Standing at the new starting point of CHIEF's 30th anniversary, while making great strides forward, how can we continue to maintain a leading edge in the turbulent aftermarket, capture the preferences of car owners, and rejuvenate the brand? CHIEF's s search never stops...
Cars need to be maintained, and CHIEF car care everywhere. Just as Louis Koo has been insisting on bringing high-quality performances to movie fans for ten years, and continues to provide high-quality products and services to every family and every car, CHIEF has always believed that: trust comes from quality, and service creates value. This is our promise to consumers, and it is also the constant responsibility of enterprises in this era!



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