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Channel distribution

offline wholesale and retail

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4S group and OEM customization

E-commerce and new media


Long-term ba screen shake sound industry brand list, repeatedly won the car maintenance category sales leader.

0.4 billion Annual Turnover

1.59 million single live broadcast turnover breakthrough

1.15 million average daily turnover

5 billion Next year brand exposure rate

Quick Hands

Many times won the fast-hand auto industry brand self-broadcast list

Won the fast hand car maintenance category sales forefront

45,002,021 year GMV

0.6 billion brand exposure rate

E-commerce: (Jingdong/Tmall/Taobao/Pinduoduo)

After the auto e-commerce leader, years of dominance of the industry

Won the forefront of sales in the category of automobile maintenance

The comprehensive score of the store is firmly in the forefront of the category.

Servant maintenance, the more global

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