Stimulate vitality to help grow

Through the professional training system and career development system, to stimulate the vitality of organizations and individuals,
Helping employees and businesses grow together

Enterprise culture

"Car servant", as the name implies, "car servant", it is translated from the English "CHIEF" pronunciation. The original meaning of CHIEF is "chief" or "chief". This combination of Chinese and Western means that a car servant should have both the confidence to be a leader and the humility to be a servant.

behavior mode

Integrity, team, knowledge, improvement, beyond

Competitive strategy:Strengthen the occupation of the industrial chain and consolidate the development chain model.,Enhance brand reputation and expand service chain value

Cultural forms:Everyone's demeanor, caring and happy industry,Save for a rainy day, unite in good faith

Quality Policy:Close customers and make continuous progress.

Enterprise mission: to create value for customers and bring benefits to employees; to improve efficiency for shareholders and to add harmony to society

Core Values:Honesty, integrity and due diligence; merit and bitterness, the whole is supreme.