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Formula F4 China Championship (Ningbo Station) 1

Introduction to FIA Formula F4 China Championship

F4, Formula 4, is a formula race established by the International Automobile Federation in 2014. Young people over the age of 15 can participate in the formula training course. Formula F4 aims to fill the gap between kart and F3 and build a promotion road for young drivers from kart to F4 to F3 and F2, and finally to F1. The FIA Formula F4 China Championship, founded in 2015, is the only formula series authorized by the FIA in China. In 2021, the car servant became the official gold medal partner of the FIA F4 China Championship for the first time and became the official recommended brand of car maintenance products for the FIA F4 China Championship in 2022, continuing to escort the competition.

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