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CCTV Report | 2023 China Automobile Cross-Country Championship·Daqing Station, the CHIEF Racing Team won the championship with its strength

Full firepower, a smooth ride. From August 12 to 16, the 3rd China Automobile and Motorcycle Sports Conference, the largest, highest-level, most complete and most influential automobile and motorcycle event in China, was successfully held in Daqing Racing Town. Among them, the national A-level automobile event, the 2023 China Automobile Off-Road Championship (COC) Daqing Station, started three days of fierce battle.

In the end, the CHIEF Racing Team performed well as always and won the "Club Championship in the Open Group, the Individual Championship and the Second Runner-up", the "Club Championship in the UTV Group, and the Individual Third Place" respectively.

This COC competition has six categories: manufacturer group, mass production group, modified group, open group, UTV group, and women's group. The entire event was broadcast live on CCTV.com, and more than 30 domestic media such as CCTV-5 "Sports News", "Sports News", Xinhuanet, People's Daily Online, etc. reported on the grand event, which became a hit on the entire network!



Won the individual championship and runner-up in the open category

In the fierce competition in the COC open group, driver No. 112 Yang Zhimin of the CHIEF Racing Team relied on his superb driving skills to win the open group championship with a large lead. Teammate Li Cheng won the runner-up trophy, winning the industry title for his hard-core strength. and great media attention!


Won the third place in the UTV category individually

In the UTV group competition, Tao Ye of CHIEF Racing Team won the third place, while two teammates, Yang Endong and Zhang Feng, won the fourth and fifth place respectively.


Won two Club Cup titles

In terms of team awards, Cheval Racing Team won the Open Club Cup Championship and the UTV Club Cup Championship respectively, demonstrating the strength of the leading domestic team!


Winning laurels repeatedly and blooming with glory

It is worth mentioning that the CHIEF Racing Team has brought together a number of well-known domestic championship drivers and senior drivers. They have competed in well-known COC venues at home and abroad for many years and won multiple national championships. They also successfully crossed the Kubuqi Desert this year to help the world. The terrain vehicle challenge for the Guinness World Record was a complete success.

As the strong backing of the CHIEF Racing Team, CHIEF has injected super power into the CHIFE Racing Team with first-class car maintenance products such as fuel treasure, diesel treasure, antifreeze, lubricants, etc. In the future, CHIEF will continue to be committed to event testing and empowering product development, and will continue to create higher-quality car care products to protect drivers in every game!



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