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Win-win cooperation and quality first | The 2023 CHIEF Quality Exchange Conference was successfully held

Recently, in order to enhance the mutual understanding between CHIEF and its partners, improve the quality supervision capabilities of both parties, and unify all aspects of operating standards with Chief Nanchang Industrial Park, Jiangxi Cheserv held an event with the theme of "win-win cooperation, quality first" The theme of the 2023 CHIEF Quality Exchange Conference. Under the leadership of Deputy General Manager Yang Zhiqiang of CHIEF Group, leaders of various departments and partners participated in the meeting.


The first day of the exchange meeting

In the morning, the exchange meeting was officially held. Deputy General Manager Yang Zhiqiang first expressed a warm welcome to all partners, and then introduced the significance and purpose of this meeting - to share CHIEF's advanced and professional production technology, quality control and product quality. Control concept, strengthen the quality control capabilities and production level of Autoservant partners, thereby further improving the overall product quality of Autoservant.

Then, Director Wang Zuojian of the External Processing Management Department introduced the company’s development history and CHIEF's advanced quality management system. Then Dai Wangjun, director of the Quality Improvement and System Management Department, shared the "CHIEF quality management system inspection and non-conforming product processing control process."

After the sharing, Minister Wang Zuojian and others led the partners to visit the production workshop of CHIEF Nanchang Industrial Park. Everyone observed the automated production lines for fuel oil, antifreeze, glass water, deodorizer and other products. In the workshop, Liu Wei from the Quality Department explained to everyone the leading technologies such as automatic rotary filling, automatic weighing, automatic cartoning and sealing, automatic sleeve labeling, and EDA water treatment. After learning about it, everyone praised it and said they had benefited a lot.

In the afternoon, Tong Wei from the Quality Control Department explained to everyone the "key points and error-prone points related to incoming material inspection and packaging material inspection", and guided everyone on the spot to distinguish between good and defective packaging materials.

Then, Sun Jianqiang and Hu Tao from the Quality Control Department explained to everyone the "key points related to the inspection of incoming chemical raw materials and inspection of semi-finished products and finished products". In order to let partners have a more comprehensive understanding, Sun Jianqiang and Hu Tao led everyone to the CHIEF laboratory, and conducted on-site comparison operations and explanations of raw materials and finished products with good and defective products.

After the laboratory study, everyone returned to the conference room. Xiong Zhujun and Hu Yunhua from the R&D Department explained to everyone the "ingredients, production processes, control points and control plan instructions of antifreeze, glass water and decontamination agent" respectively.


The second day of the exchange meeting

In the morning, everyone came to Cheservant Workshop No. 11. Liu Wei and Ding Mengxiao from the Quality Control Department explained in detail the key points related to quality control in the workshop production process, including first article sealing confirmation, process inspection frequency and key points, sealing sampling inspection, etc. . Everyone also viewed and understood the packaging material samples and related inspection equipment.

After observing the workshop, the group returned to the conference room, where Li Yueyue from the Purchasing Department shared "Exceptional Quality Cases at the CHIEF Over the Years"; in the afternoon, Dai Wangjun from the Quality Improvement and System Management Department shared "Exceptional Quality Cases at the Processing Point Over the Years".

Finally, everyone held a discussion together to share the doubts they encountered in the Nanchang factory of Cheservo over the past two days, and enthusiastically discussed the key points and shortcomings of the products in production, technology, quality control and other aspects. During this period, everyone spoke freely and provided suggestions and suggestions for improving the quality of CHIEF products. Everyone gained a lot and this quality exchange meeting came to a successful conclusion.

Quality is the first to set a benchmark, and win-win cooperation promotes development. Through this quality exchange meeting, the quality control capabilities of CHIEF partners have been strengthened, and the operation and production processes of various cooperative enterprises and CHIEF Nanchang Industrial Park will be effectively standardized and unified, thus Further improve the overall quality of CHIEF's car maintenance products.


In the future, CHIEF will strive for greater excellence in the entire process of product development, raw material manufacturing, production inspection, etc., strictly control product quality, win trust with quality, and set an industry benchmark! At the same time, we will make progress together with our partners, work together for a win-win situation, and achieve a new great development of Carservant with first-class quality and high-quality products!


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