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30th Anniversary of CHIEF | Dealer Interviews--Exploring how Taizhou dealers can "accelerate" channel growth

Working together with CHIEF for 15 years, combining oil and nutrition to win the future

30th Anniversary of CHIEF 1993-2023

2023 will coincide with the 30th anniversary of CHIEF. Over the past 30 years, CHIEF has been deeply involved in the automobile maintenance industry and has now developed into a leading company in the industry.

The 30-year development of CHIEF is inseparable from the trust and support of dealers across the country. In order to show the style of dealers, we have launched a series of exclusive interviews with CHIEF dealers for the 30th anniversary of CHIEF. We will face dealer representatives across the country to review their entrepreneurial history and listen to The true voice of dealers understands the highlights and advantages of market development in different channels, bringing more thoughts and reference to channel development.

In this dealer interview, we walked into the Taizhou Jinding Auto Parts chain and got close to the helmsman Xu Genlin to learn how he led Taizhou Jinding Auto Parts to "accelerate" channel growth.

Speaking of Mr. Xu, the Taizhou Auto Servant dealer, all Auto Servants will be familiar with it. Mr. Xu is already an old friend of CHIEF. Since Jinding Auto Parts and CHIEF started cooperation in 2008, this is already the 15th year of cooperation. I have always insisted on being a CHIEF.

When I first arrived at Taizhou Jinding Auto Parts, I met Mr. Xu for the first time. After a brief exchange, I learned about Mr. Xu’s work style - capable and decisive. It is Mr. Xu's unique style of doing things that prompted Jinding Auto Parts to become a comprehensive distributor of car maintenance products and lubricant products in 2023, leading channel growth and market expansion in Taizhou.

Choice CHIEF, and keep doing CHIEF products only

In the process of chatting with Mr. Xu, we learned that Jinding Auto Parts has always insisted on doing CHIEF maintenance products in the market. This is Mr. Xu’s true voice and his support for the CHIEF brand and product quality. Maximum recognition.

As a national brand, CHIEF has always adhered to the concept of caring for customers and making progress together with customers, and has been fully recognized by Mr. Xu. Based on the understanding and recognition of CHIEF, during the many years of cooperation with CHIEF, the product series started from the initial products such as detergents and antifreeze, and now have sold a full range of maintenance products. This year, Mr. Xu started lubricating oil. In terms of product sales, Jinding Auto Parts has always kept pace with the development of CHIEF.

In the Taizhou market, CHIEF products are highly recognized in the terminal market. When it comes to CHIEF and Jinding Auto Parts, most end customers are very familiar with it and give Mr. Xu a thumbs up. This is what Jinding Auto Parts has done for Mr. Xu. The best testimony of deeply exploring the market and serving customers under the leadership of the company.

Understand the market and continuously enrich product lines

The development and growth of the market is based on understanding the market and familiarity with the products. The development of Taizhou Jinding Auto Parts confirms this.

When Jinding Auto Parts and CHIEF began to cooperate, the main products were several major CHIEF products such as deodorizer, refrigerant, and antifreeze, which laid the foundation for market development. As car owners demand professional services and terminal stores demand more product types, Mr. Xu is keenly aware of changes in market trends and has added many differentiated products to enrich the product line, allowing CHIEF's advantageous products to serve more people. terminal stores and car owners.

CHIEF's professional products make terminal stores more competitive. Terminal stores deliver professional products and services to every car owner and customer, increasing the trust of car owners, thus gaining the recognition and trust of more car owners.

Jinding Auto Parts also continuously improves the maintenance awareness of car owners in the market. It promotes maintenance knowledge to car owners through a large number of in-store advertisements, making car owners aware of the importance of professional maintenance. The CHIEF's products attract the attention of more car owners and generate sales. Car owners' awareness of maintenance has increased, the customer base of terminal stores has increased, and the business volume of Jinding Auto Parts has also achieved new breakthroughs.


Follow the concept of CHIEF service to customers and benefit end customers

CHIEF has always adhered to the concept of caring for customers and their continuous progress, and serving every customer well. The QR code scanning lottery for refrigerant and detergent products has been open for many years. This year, we also launched a lottery for additive products and lubricant products, specifically to give back to our terminal store customers and hundreds of millions of car owners.


Mr. Xu started from the grassroots level and understood the needs of terminal stores very well. In daily sales, he insisted on giving profits to terminal customers. The profit-sharing activities of Jinding Auto Parts are reflected in reality. When the warehouse products arrive, Mr. Xu personally moves the goods, which reduces the company's operating costs; he goes to the market in person on a daily basis to understand the real needs of terminal stores and formulates a promotional profit-sharing plan that best suits customers. Give real benefits to terminal stores.

Jinding Auto Parts conveys its professional service concept to terminal stores in daily channel sales, which promotes sales in terminal stores. The terminal stores serve every car owner well and embody the service concept in every link.

Combining oil and nutrition opens up a new situation in the channel market

With the channel integration of CHIEF maintenance products and lubricating oil products, Mr. Xu once again leads customers across the country and becomes an agent for Autoservant's full range of products.

In the sales of lubricant products, Jinding Auto Parts has changed the traditional single product sales model. For end customers, they purchase engine oil and give other products as gifts, and give a variety of gifts. Terminal stores use activities such as giving a variety of small gifts, and have gained a lot of success. The trust of the car owner captured the heart of the car owner.

In the channel sales of Jinding Auto Parts, maintenance products and lubricant products are empowered in both directions. Oil products rely on the 30-year reputation of maintenance products. Maintenance products use the major attributes of oil products to enhance their adhesion with end customers and reduce the cost of maintenance products. The development difficulty for end customers also brings more competitive products to end customers.

When it comes to the future development of the Taizhou market, Mr. Xu said that he will closely follow the development pace of the Autoservant Company, stay true to innovation, and continue to change. While maintaining the growth of CHIEF maintenance products, he will open up new growth channels for lubricant products and realize maintenance products. Driven by dual engines with lubricant products, it drives the Taizhou market forward.

In the Taizhou market, CHIEF has won the trust of many end customers with its professional products and high-quality services. 2023 marks the 30th anniversary of Auto Servant and the 15th anniversary of the establishment of Jinding Auto Parts. Many repair shops also sent their blessings through videos. CHIEF also wishes that Jinding Auto Parts and CHIEF's national dealers and customers will develop better and better, and bring more high-quality products to end customers and car owners across the country.



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