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Gather efforts to seek innovation and move forward with courage | 2023 CHIEF Online Marketing Center mid-year meeting was successfully held

Be diligent in pursuing great goals and bravely pioneering, and concentrate on reaching new heights

To sum up the past and look forward to the future, recently, the 2023 Mid-year Summary Meeting of the Online Marketing Center of CHIEF Group was grandly held at the Shenzhen headquarters. The meeting was attended by Mr. Wang Gang, Chairman of the Group, Mr. Liu Yong, Vice President of the Group, as well as relevant heads of online departments, market strategy department and some employees.

At the meeting, relevant persons in charge from Tmall, JD.com, Distribution, Kuaishou, Douyin, Agency Operations, Backstage Department and Market Strategy Department of Chevalian respectively made mid-year work reports, reporting on the work content and achievements achieved in the first half of 2023. achievements and honors, deeply analyzed the problems and deficiencies existing in the work, and formulated plans and goals for the second half of the year in response to problems and market changes.

After listening to the reports from each business segment, Mr. Liu Yong, Vice President of Cheserv Group, said: This year, under the leadership of Mr. Wang and the unity and assistance of various departments of the group, the online marketing center delivered a very good answer in the first half of the year. , the overall sales volume has achieved a 50% increase, and CHIEF has always ranked top 1 in sales in the car maintenance category on Douyin and Kuaishou platforms. These achievements are hard-won and we would like to thank all online staff for their hard work!

Looking back on the past, CHIEF followed the trend and took the lead in seizing the short video trend in the new era where traffic is king, striving for traffic with all its strength. Now, after years of accumulation of successful experience and adjustments and optimizations, CHIEF not only plays with traffic, but also has formed a refined management team. This is the key factor for CHIEF to win the market. Today, with a strong organizational team, refined operational capabilities, and a complete supply chain, I believe that CHIEF will achieve better results in the second half of the year and create new brilliance!

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Wang Gang, Chairman of CHIEF Group, delivered a summary sharing. Mr. Wang first highly recognized the excellent performance achieved by the Online Marketing Center in the first half of the year and praised the progress made by the Marketing Strategy Department. Then, Mr. Wang talked about the development path of Car Servant in the past 30 years. Along the way, he has grasped the trend of the times and made every effort to explore various market channels, and finally became a leading enterprise in the automobile maintenance industry.

Mr. Wang conducted a detailed analysis of the reasons for CHIEF's success and summarized the three key elements. The first factor is “finding”. CHIEF took the lead in finding business opportunities, and made every effort to seize the opportunity, thus successfully opening up the market; The second element is "fast". CHIEF is faster than its opponents in all aspects such as laying out new platforms, building new teams, and expanding scale; the third element is meticulousness. The online marketing team relies on data-based operations to complete the work content. , planning goals, internal control, customer feedback and other aspects are very detailed, so we can achieve such excellent performance.

In the new era, the market is unpredictable and faced with fierce industry competition. On the one hand, we must always be as diligent as a bee, as keen as an eagle eye to find new market opportunities, and be as good at discovering our own problems as looking in the mirror. and make corrections promptly. On the other hand, everyone must always maintain a sense of crisis and always uphold the challenging spirit of not being afraid of difficulties. Finally, Mr. Wang said that as long as everyone continues to work hard, CHIEF will surely reach a higher level in the second half of the year, and will definitely continue to surpass and reach new highs in the next three years!

Be diligent and brave in pioneering, and concentrate on reaching new heights. Through this mid-year summary meeting, everyone strengthened their understanding of each other's business, clarified goals and plans, and enhanced their confidence to challenge difficulties. In 2023, as long as we unite as one, we will make CHIEF prosper and write new miracles!


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