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The new national standard was officially implemented, and CHIEF antifreeze took the lead in reaching the standard, setting a new benchmark in quality

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At present, the mandatory national standard "Motor Vehicle Engine Coolant" GB 29743.1-2022 has been officially implemented from July 1, replacing the old national standard GB 29743-2013. This new national standard has revised a number of contents, among which 4 test items have been mainly added, and stricter standard requirements have been put forward for 2 test items, indicating that the country has more stringent quality requirements for antifreeze, and inferior antifreeze that does not meet the regulations. The liquid will be eliminated from the market, and the majority of car owners will get better choices and protection.

The new national standard classification is more detailed

Compared with the old national standard, the new national standard divides engine coolant into three parts. Only the first part "Fuel Vehicle Engine Coolant Standard" has been released this time, and the second part "Electric Vehicle Coolant" and the third part "Fuel Cell Vehicle Coolant" have not yet been released.

Two new national standards are more stringent

1. Revise the ash content index with higher requirements

Excessive ash content will damage the car cooling system. This new national standard has revised all ash content to no more than 2.5%, which reduces the possibility of precipitation of antifreeze and helps to combat unscrupulous businesses using tap water to produce antifreeze.

2. Revise the chlorine content index with higher requirements

Antifreeze reduces the likelihood of engine corrosion by reducing chlorine levels. The new national standard has revised the chlorine content from no more than 60 mg/kg to no more than 25 mg/kg, and also added a chlorine content test method, which will help improve the anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties of antifreeze.

The new national standard adds 4 testing items

1. Add “sulfate content detection items”

Sulfate is corrosive to a certain extent and can easily scale on the inner surface of pipelines, affecting automobile heat dissipation. Therefore, the new national standard has added a sulfate content indicator (not greater than 50 mg/kg) when revising it.

2. Add “cast aluminum alloy heat transfer corrosion detection items”

The heat transfer corrosion of cast aluminum alloy is tested under high temperature and pressure conditions, and it is currently the project requiring the highest temperature in the evaluation of coolants. When the new national standard was revised, it was added that the amount of liquid precipitation after the test should not exceed 0.05%, which is to examine the high-temperature stability of antifreeze products from another angle.

3. Add “solution performance requirements after glassware corrosion and simulated use corrosion”

The new version of the national standard adds pH value and pH change value requirements to the solution after the metal corrosion test, so as to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the protective performance of antifreeze and provide a certain basis for the evaluation of the service life of antifreeze.

4. Add "coolant stability testing item"

Investigating the storage stability of the coolant and the stability of the coolant against hard water is helpful for preliminary screening of the reliability of antifreeze production quality.

To sum up, the issuance of the new national standard shows that the country has higher quality requirements for antifreeze, and will effectively combat and eliminate a large number of low-quality antifreeze from other brands. Therefore, in order to avoid buying low-quality antifreeze, car owners are advised to look for the new national standard when purchasing antifreeze!

Comply with the new national standard and set a new benchmark for quality

As a leading company in the industry, CHIEF has actively responded to the national call. Its antifreeze series products have been fully upgraded, and it has taken the lead in implementing the new national standard requirements to help car owners drive smoothly in all seasons!

Anti-boiling in summer and anti-freezing in winter

The boiling point of CHIEF's long-lasting antifreeze is as high as 109°C, which can effectively prevent the car from boiling at high temperatures in summer, dissipate heat and cool down over time, and extend the service life of the engine. Not only that, it also has excellent anti-freeze performance, allowing the car to start quickly even in cold winter weather of -50°C.

Anti-corrosion, anti-rust, long-lasting engine protection

Cheval's long-lasting antifreeze uses HOAT corrosion inhibition technology to provide long-term anti-corrosion and anti-rust protection for automotive metals such as cast aluminum, cast iron, steel, copper and solder, making it free of charge during a service life of 2 years or 20,000-30,000 kilometers. Replace and maintain car engines for a long time.

Inhibit scale and reduce impurities in water tank

Carvalier's long-lasting antifreeze uses deionized water that does not contain calcium and magnesium ions, which can effectively prevent scale from clogging pipes.

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