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Riding the wind and waves, escorting at high speed | CHIEF helps F4 Formula China Championship Ningbo Station to break the limit

The valet escorts every game, and there is no end to transcendence.

From June 23rd to 25th, coinciding with the Dragon Boat Festival, the second stop of the 2023 FIA Formula 4 China Championship in Ningbo begins with excitement. As the official partner of Formula 4 in international events and a recommended car maintenance brand for three consecutive years, CHIEF has escorted the event throughout the entire process, helping drivers overcome water accumulation in rainy days, break through limits, and contribute to a wonderful event!

Strength escort, no fear of wind and rain

During the competition, it was raining weather in Ningbo, the slippery track, and the cold temperature, which really brought a lot of challenges to the 16 participating drivers. In addition to rain interference, the complex curve design of the Ningbo International Circuit also poses a great challenge to the drivers.

In order to strongly support the smooth progress of the competition, CHIEF, as the leading brand of car maintenance products in China, has brought many of its best-selling items. With its strong performance, high quality and comprehensive range, CHIEF's car maintenance products fully meet the high standards of racing maintenance and help drivers conquer slippery tracks and refresh track legends with extraordinary race-level quality.

It is worth mentioning that, under the strong protection of CHIEF's personalized products and star products, many drivers performed well and showed their passion for speed. For example, driver Zhang Hongyu set the fastest lap time, and Thiago won the championship in three rounds. With its strength, CHIEF helps drivers reach the podium of glory, and its quality has won the praise of the drivers.

Work together to promote industry development

On the last day of the competition, the Shell Helix FIA Formula 4 China Championship released the second-generation F4 formula car code-named M21. The new race car is lighter, safer and more powerful. Looking back at the history of automobiles, racing has given birth to many civilian automobile technologies. Therefore, the emergence of a new generation of F4 racing cars will definitely promote the innovation of civilian automobile technologies.

CHIEF will continue to escort every burning competition, use new racing cars and new tracks as testing grounds for product technology, continue to develop and innovate, bring users high-quality products that are comparable to competition level, and create more comfortable and safer products. driving experience and contribute to the development and technological innovation of the automotive aftermarket industry.

The smoke has cleared at the Ningbo Station, and there is no end to transcendence. The team will continue to relay the competitive spirit of racing and help the F4 Formula China Championship complete the remaining three major events of the 2023 season, and fight for the top of glory again! August 25-27, Pingtan Station, Fujian, so stay tuned!


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