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Walking with "CHIEF" doubles the happiness丨The 2023 Jiangxi CHIEF "Visit Jing'an & Climb Gexian Mountain" team building event concluded successfully

Team building 1: One-day trip to Jing'an

In order to thank frontline employees for their hard work, enrich their spare time life, and enhance team cohesion. At the beginning of June, Jiangxi CHIEF organized the first "Jing'an One-Day Tour" team-building activity involving front-line employees and their families.

During the morning trip, everyone visited Kuangzhong Garden and Ximen Old Street. You can enjoy flowers, rocks and gardens, take photos at internet celebrity spots, stroll through old streets, go shopping and enjoy the natural and cultural landscapes, feel happy, relax and feel the beauty of nature.

In the afternoon, at the scenic Wanhua Valley Scenic Area, the friends happily checked in to beautiful and fun attractions such as "Alpine Buddha's Hand", "I'm Waiting for You in Jing'an", "Internet Celebrity Swing", "Exotic Flowers and Exotic Grasses", and "Heart to Heart", and visited Leave a happy team photo.

Forget about work for a while and live life to the fullest. Groups of Chief friends were all filled with happy and bright smiles during their short leisure time on a one-day trip to Jing'an. Behind every sense of satisfaction, there is joy and joy from the heart. This is also the important pursuit of CHIEF's corporate culture construction.


Team Building 2: Two-day tour of Gexian Mountain and Geyang Reclining Buddha

With Father's Day approaching, in mid-June, Jiangxi Chief's second "Gexian Mountain & Geyang Reclining Buddha Team Building Tour" arrived as scheduled. Many CHIEF's staff and their families came to admire the miraculous craftsmanship of nature, have a glimpse of the majestic appearance of Gexian Mountain, and pay homage to the world's longest Geyang Reclining Buddha.

A deity makes a mountain, not its altitude. Gexian Mountain is located in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province. It is known as a famous Taoist mountain and is now a 4A-level tourist attraction in China. It has extremely rich natural and cultural landscapes.

Full of beautiful expectations for the Fairy Mountain, everyone got on the bus together on Saturday morning. There was laughter and singing along the way. At noon, they arrived at the Gexian Mountain Resort with its green mountains, green waters and fairy atmosphere. After crossing the street and climbing up the stairs, the friends who arrived at the gate of Gexian Mountain in the afternoon were all smiles and recorded this happy moment with their cameras.

The scenery on the mountain is beautiful, with towering ancient pines and antique architectural stone carvings. The Taoist temple has a far-reaching charm. Various places of interest such as Yuxu Temple, Immortal Foot, and Dage Immortal Hall allow everyone to immerse themselves in the profound cultural heritage of Fairy Mountain.

After dinner, everyone went to Zhongmiao Pavilion, the center of the scenic spot, and watched the beautiful Chinese-style dance.

Late at night, the dazzling drone lights spliced various Taoist patterns and texts, and the subsequent light show brought everyone a dream-like audio-visual feast. The lively bonfire party, accompanied by dynamic and cheerful music, people holding hands, jumping and dancing around the bonfire, the joyful atmosphere is getting higher and higher!

The next day, everyone took a bus to the Geyang Reclining Buddha scenic spot, the longest reclining Buddha in the world. Walking along the lakeside plank road, you can admire the criss-crossing Danxia Mountains and the green lake water. The team gathers and takes photos. It is very pleasant.

At this point, Jiangxi CHIEF's two team-building activities have come to a successful conclusion. It allows employees to relax their stress, exercise, and enhance team cohesion after work. In the future, CHIEF will continue to strengthen employee care and organize more colorful team-building activities to enhance employees' sense of belonging and happiness.

July is approaching, and we look forward to every CHIEF devoting themselves to work with fuller enthusiasm and fighting spirit, and uniting as one to contribute to the vigorous development of CHIEF! The best team, the best us, passionate when having fun and giving our best when working!


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