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30th Anniversary of CHIEF | Dialogue with Excellent Dealers---How Zhuhai Zhongnuo Auto Parts Masters the Password to Win in the Market

13 years of working together with Autoservants, the future is promising

2023 coincides with the 30th anniversary of CHIEF. Over the past 30 years, CHIEF has been deeply involved in the automobile maintenance industry and has now developed into a leading enterprise in the industry.

CHIEF's 30 years of development cannot be separated from the trust and support of dealers across the country. In order to show the dealers' style, we have launched a series of exclusive interviews with Chief dealers for the 30th anniversary of Cheval. Facing dealer representatives across the country, review their entrepreneurial history, listen to the real voices of dealers, understand the highlights and advantages of market development in different channels, and bring more thoughts and references to channel development.

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is one of the most economically active regions in China. The annual output value of the automobile industry exceeds one trillion yuan, and the development of the economy has also led to the region becoming one of the areas with fierce competition in the automotive aftermarket. Zhongnuo Auto Parts, a dealer in Zhuhai, has been deeply involved in the after-sales channel market for more than 20 years by virtue of its products and its own unique advantages, and has gained a place in the consumable parts and maintenance products market in the Greater Bay Area.

Let’s take a look at the story behind how Zhongnuo Auto Parts, a dealer in Zhuhai, mastered the password to win in the market.

In late May, Zhuhai has entered summer. Under a high temperature of nearly 38°C, the business staff of Zhongnuo Auto Parts store were still busy delivering goods and communicating with customers. After more than 20 years of development, relying on the Chief brand endorsement, Zhongnuo has successfully opened more than a dozen stores in Zhuhai, and the sales area of Cheval products has covered Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Guangzhou and other provinces.

01. Adhere to the brand concept and hit it off in both directions.

Recalling the start-up journey, Mr. Ling had many feelings: "At the beginning of Zhongnuo's establishment, we used ordinary product agency as its main business model and had no outstanding advantages in the market. After several years of exploration and insight, I began to realize that agency brands must It must be an international first-line brand and a well-known domestic brand.”

During the subsequent inspection of market brands, CHIEF successfully attracted Mr. Ling’s attention. After careful understanding, Auto Parts’corporate vision of striving to become a trustworthy national brand in the industry coincides with Zhongnuo Auto Parts’ strategic plan of winning customers with quality.
Talking about the final opportunity for cooperation with CHIEF, Mr. Ling said: As a national brand, CHIEF's products are highly recognized in the market and have good product quality; the product line is complete and covers all major systems of vehicle maintenance; the product specifications are diverse, It can meet the different needs of end customers, which prompted me to finally choose CHIEF. In 2011, Zhongnuo Auto Parts officially became associated with Servant.

02. With the advantages of CHIEF, the overall sales volume increased

With the strong support of CHEIF products, the development of Zhongnuo Auto Parts has begun to enter a new stage. Taking advantage of the CHIEF brand, Zhongnuo Auto Parts has regained its vitality. Speaking of the more than ten years of cooperation with CHIEF, Mr. Ling was full of praise for CHIEF support. Chief's multiple advantages have also enabled Zhongnuo Auto Parts to quickly enter the maintenance products market and grow strongly.

Brand and quality advantages, high terminal recognition
In the process of visiting customers, customers have a high degree of recognition for CHIEF. As a national car maintenance brand, and a brand endorsed by Louis Koo, we are more assured of the quality of CHIEF products, and sales through channels are easier. When visiting repair shops in the market, I always look at CHIEF's antifreeze, dehydrator and other products. This shows that CHIEF has gained the trust of end customers, which is the best testimony of product quality.

Product and innovation advantages to quickly seize the market
CHIEF has been deeply involved in the car maintenance market for many years and has more than a thousand products that can meet the different needs of end customers. The products are constantly iterating and the core advantages are obvious. In recent years, the Cheif fuel additive series has become even more popular across all channels. With the support of CHIEF manufacturers, we also started market sales immediately and became the first batch of dealers in the country to sell the Fuel Treasure series products.

Market and support advantages help channel development
The CHIEF company will also keep abreast of the sales of its products. The CHIEF sales manager will go deep into the market with our business personnel to understand the situation of the end customers, and summarize and summarize today's situation in the review meeting in the evening. At the same time, based on the terminal situation, we will put forward sales plan suggestions that are suitable for the Zhuhai market, communicate with our business personnel, and improve sales progress and customer added value.

03. Win the “last mile” and create channel advantages

In summer, CHIEF antifreeze and environmentally friendly refrigerant have always been the hot-selling products of Zhongnuo Auto Parts. Combined with the logistics distribution model of Zhongnuo Auto Parts' main store and warehouse + branch warehouses, it can be quickly delivered to customers.
After years of development, Zhongnuo Auto Parts has formed a sales model of head office + branch warehouse with the help of more than a dozen stores in Zhuhai and surrounding areas. For large-volume products such as antifreeze, it greatly saves the logistics and distribution costs of the products and can quickly capture customers.

At the same time, by taking advantage of the car service products, we can quickly develop new customers and reach customers quickly. Before competitors can react, we have developed new customers and delivered products. This effectively increased the overall purchase volume of the store.

Facing the future, when it comes to the development of Zinonuo Auto Parts in the future, Mr. Ling said with confidence: We will adhere to the brand management philosophy, keep up with the pace of CHIEF's development, increase the sales of Cheif antifreeze and fuel additives, and use Chief's new energy antifreeze, New energy products such as new energy and environmentally friendly refrigerants are an opportunity to open up new channels. New and old products are launched simultaneously to expand the market share and brand influence of CHIEF products.


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