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Across mountains and seas | CHIEF & Changfang Kang Mingsheng’s social event across Shenzhen’s east-west coastline ended successfully

On May 20, on this romantic day, a total of more than 60 employees of Chief & Changfang Kangmingsheng Company and their families held a joint event with the theme of "If you don't have brothers, you won't travel far, if you walk together, you will live up to it". Social activities along the east-west coastline of Shenzhen. This activity uses hiking to convey friendship and health. It starts from Dongchong and ends in Xichong. The hiking mileage is about 6 kilometers, spanning mountains and seas, and encountering blue seas and blue skies.

The Dongxi Chong Coastline has been rated as one of the top ten most beautiful hiking routes in China by National Geographic Magazine. It is the most beautiful and classic coastal hiking route in Shenzhen. Along the way, there are mountains, blue seas and skies, and well-developed landforms such as beaches, islands, reefs, and sea caves. Every frame of the picture is the best interpretation of the beauty of nature.

Early in the morning, with great expectations for the sea view, everyone took a bus to the starting point of the activity - Tung Chung Village. Before departure, after an energetic warm-up, all members officially started the hiking trip under the leadership of their respective group leaders and team leaders.

Climb all the way along the coastline, with ups and downs. The mountain road is very steep, and the nearly 90-degree cliff can only be climbed with the help of iron chains. Even if it is thrilling and the sun is shining, everyone can still use the team spirit developed from work, help each other, and climb up one climb after another smoothly and safely. The steep cliffs and steep slopes, if you truly walk with them, you will definitely live up to your expectations!

Accompanied by the refreshing sea breeze, along the charming coastline, all the way to the top of the mountain with a wide view, everyone can enjoy the intoxicating scenery of the sea and the sky.

Go down the mountain road, walk through the jagged rocks, pass through the jungle, and come into close contact with the endless sea. You can bend down to pick up shells, relax your body and mind, appreciate the miraculous craftsmanship of nature, and wash away the dust of the city.

After taking a short rest in the rest area, enjoying delicious food and recovering their strength, the friends continued on their way. Faced with the hardships at our feet, we have the courage to face challenges and break through limits. We firmly believe that as long as we work together, we will eventually overcome the obstacles and become a great road.

The incomparable sea views along the way made everyone full of energy and kept moving forward tirelessly. The scenery they saw after climbing over the mountains was even more beautiful. Green mountains, green waters and beautiful scenery made the friends linger and check in happily, with bright smiles on everyone's faces.

One person can go very fast, and a group of people can go further. After four hours of teamwork, all members successfully reached the end point - Xichong Beach, successfully completing the Shenzhen East-West Coastline Crossing Challenge!

The successful completion of this hiking activity not only demonstrated everyone's excellent team spirit and spiritual outlook, but also further strengthened the cohesion of all members, making each other more understanding and friendly. Standing at the new starting point of the 30th anniversary of Cheserva in 2023, facing new and difficult challenges, we will use this perseverance, work together, achieve new results, and help the company reach new glory!

On the same day as 520, many employees of Jiangxi Chief Nanchang Industrial Park held a delicious barbecue outdoors. Some people are handling the ingredients, while others are grilling the delicacies. The kebabs are rich in color and flavor, charred on the outside and tender on the inside. The delicious food relieves the fatigue of work. Everyone chats about interesting things in life and work while eating together, and there is endless laughter and laughter.

In the future, Ch will continue to increase employee care and organize more and more colorful team-building activities to enhance employees' sense of belonging and happiness, so that every family member can be happy and healthy physically and mentally, and fully experience Chief. the warmth of a big family!



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