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The 30th Anniversary of Chief丨Youth at the age of 30, setting sail for a new beginning

Looking forward to the next thirty years of CHIEF!


1993-2023——30 years may be a moment in the long river of time, but for the car servant, it is a A history of struggle against the wind and rain, and against the waves. Thirty years of prosperity and prosperity, standing at the right time; thirty years of ups and downs, overcoming thorns and thorns...

Looking back at the past, without navigation or map, difficulties will come unexpectedly and surprises will come as expected. The development of the times calls for pioneers, and Chief has been at the forefront of the trend, running at full speed, and has successfully become a leading domestic automotive care products company that integrates R&D, production, sales and service, pushing the automotive aftermarket industry forward.

In the past thirty years, product has been king, and "Chief creation" has been used to promote "intelligent manufacturing in the industry" ”

After the reform and opening up, with the continuous liberalization of national policies, foreign-funded enterprises entered China, and "Made in China" became the "World Factory" .
Not content with the current situation where foreign brands monopolized China's automotive aftermarket, with almost no formal domestic manufacturers competing against them, the Servant, which means "servant of the car," surprised everyone once it was launched. From then on, with the accumulated strength, we have strongly started the road of leading the automotive industry with "craftsmanship and never forgetting the original intention"...

Towards building a first-class brand and first-class enterprise in China, Chief established an industry-leading R&D team in 1994. It has independently developed over 1,000 car maintenance products, obtained 40 national patents, and participated in the formulation of 8 national/industry/group standards. In 2022, it was authoritatively recognized as a "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" by the State Intellectual Property Office.

In order to further meet market demand and improve manufacturing capabilities, in 2013, Chief spent more than 600 million to open Asia's top automotive supplies industrial park in Nanchang, Jiangxi - CHIEF Nanchang Industrial Park. The industrial park covers an area of 200 acres and is equipped with advanced automated production lines. It adopts leading technologies such as automatic rotary filling, automatic weighing, automatic cartoning, automatic sleeve labeling, and EDA water treatment. The product's first-time inspection pass rate is 99.9%, which has greatly improved Product quality and production efficiency.

In the face of the booming trend of e-commerce networks and consumers' demands for a simpler and more convenient life, Chief has continued to increase investment in production, logistics and transportation over the past 30 years. 7 major product production bases spread across the country, 4 major distribution centers, and a daily order processing capacity of 10W+ ensure efficient product production & timely delivery.

Thirty years of rooting down to win glory for Chinese national brands

With the improvement of national living standards, travel demand has gradually become stronger, which has given rise to a trillion-dollar automotive aftermarket. Abandoning the traditional concept of car repair, the concept of "maintaining instead of repairing" car beauty and maintenance is gradually gaining popularity.

Based on traditional offline distribution channels, Chief currently has a number of hot-selling maintenance products such as refrigerant, detergent, antifreeze, and fuel treasures that account for a large market share; its business covers 368 prefecture-level cities across the country, with It has more than 2,000 distribution outlets, and has cooperated with dozens of well-known OEMs and more than 4,000 4S stores across the country. Its products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

Faced with the fierce impact of the post-epidemic era, Chief pioneered new new media marketing profit models such as online and offline integration, Douyin group buying, intra-city car maintenance, VIP stores and other new media marketing profit models, successfully leading many dealers and terminal stores to break their own development deadlock and break through to make profits.

In 2020, China took the lead in proposing the "double carbon" goal. Chief takes action and is the first in the industry to advocate the practice of low-carbon maintenance for automobiles. It is committed to creating low-carbon maintenance solutions that are more carbon-reducing, energy-saving, comfortable and safe, and continues to contribute to the realization of the "double carbon" goal and the protection of our planet.


Thirty years of embracing change and building a brand trusted by consumers

Back in 2018. At that time, the traditional automotive aftermarket was facing the pressure of rapid industrial transformation and upgrading. The problem of product homogeneity was becoming more and more serious, and the competition between offline big brands was becoming increasingly fierce. It was also this year that the online short video platform exploded in strength, a large amount of C-side traffic was firmly occupied, and live streaming began to enter consumers' horizons.
Chewu is the first in the industry to deploy two major short video e-commerce platforms, Douyin and Kuaishou. In just a few years, it has developed rapidly. At present, Chewu has long been leading the Douyin and Kuaishou industry brand lists, and has repeatedly won the No. 1 sales volume in the car maintenance category. Douyin’s multi-matrix account has more than 5 million fans and an annual brand exposure of 10 billion+ times.

As the first domestic first-line automotive supplies brand with more than 1.7 million followers on a single Douyin store, in 2022, with its huge fan traffic and high-quality products, Chief has been on Douyin and Kuaishou short video platforms, as well as Tmall, Taobao, JD.com, Traditional e-commerce platforms such as Pinduoduo are in full bloom, and the total online transaction volume has reached a new high, ranking first in the industry on multiple e-commerce platforms.

The success of Chief's new media not only realizes a new development chapter for Chief to move towards a brand trusted by consumers, but also points out a new way out for traditional automotive aftermarket companies and drives the transformation and upgrading of the traditional automotive aftermarket industry.

Walking with love for thirty years, shouldering social responsibility and delivering love and warmth

As a national enterprise, Chief cares about its family and country. It not only strives to protect the "safe travel" of thousands of car owners, but also hopes to deliver warmth and love to every corner of society.
Since 2018, Chief has launched the "Employee Serious Illness Relief Fund" plan. The group has allocated a special fund of RMB 2 million to provide loving assistance to employees or their immediate family members when they encounter serious illnesses that are difficult to bear.

If there is a war, they will be summoned back. In the early days of the COVID-19 epidemic, the valet was called upon to urgently produce disinfection supplies. Three years after the epidemic, Chief has donated more than 3 million anti-epidemic materials to front-line epidemic prevention workers, schools, hospitals, etc., and has sponsored many charity activities for college entrance examinations, demonstrating its corporate social responsibility and responsibility.

In a short period of time, Chief's charity journey has experienced a transformation from employees to society, and from material to spiritual. Nowadays, in addition to dealers and corporate employees, Chief's charitable charity projects have attracted the government, media, and consumers, forming a powerful public welfare force.



Whether it is "rooting down" or "embracing change", the story of Chief spanning 30 years is the epitome of the development of China's national brands and one of the representatives of the rise of China's auto care products industry. Over the past 30 years, Automobile has been steadily building high-quality products, strengthening its manufacturing capabilities, continuously deepening its brand image, and promoting the development of the entire aftermarket industry.
Looking back at the journey, I am full of youth; I embark on a new journey and chase the waves high. At the age of 30, the more mature and stable CHIEF will take on more responsibilities and responsibilities, and continue to practice the brand of "car valet needs maintenance, Chief car care everywhere!"


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