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Chief environmentally friendly refrigerant丨High purity, forced cooling, defining standards

Choose to define standards and lead the industry in pure refrigerant

After the Qingming Festival, the temperature gradually rises in many places across the country
The sun is coming, and there is a strong trend of changing to summer. The weather is getting hotter, and car air conditioners are of course the most popular among car owners.
Thanks to the refrigerant in air conditioners, also called refrigerant/refrigerant
The environment inside the car can be so cool and comfortable
Stores with long-term vision must have already prepared goods for car owners.

When to add refrigerant to car air conditioner? How to judge?

Most are added every 2-3 years
Some once a year
If the refrigerant used is not of high purity, the cooling effect will be poor.
It needs to be added several times

Generally speaking, if you feel that the cooling effect is insufficient or the refrigerant leaks after turning on the air conditioner, you need to add refrigerant. Car owners can test in the following ways:

After the air conditioner is turned on normally for a period of time
The wind blowing on my body feels cool and reaches the set temperature quickly.
An outdoor compressor can act like a refrigerator
It's normal to work and stop for a while.
Otherwise, refrigerant may be required

Use a thermometer to measure the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the indoor unit
The difference is normal if it is above 8℃
The larger the temperature difference, the better the air conditioner works.
Good ones can reach around 15℃
If the difference is lower than 8°C, refrigerant may need to be added.

Ten minutes after starting the machine, open the indoor unit panel.
You should see that the evaporator copper tube is covered with aluminum flakes for heat exchange.
It is normal for the condensation water to be evenly distributed
When the air humidity is high, there will be more and vice versa, it will be less.
If half of them are missing, it may be a lack of refrigerant.
It is not normal for local frost or ice to form.

Owners who have used the car for more than half a year can view it
The pipe joints of the indoor unit and the valve of the outdoor unit
Are there any obvious signs of oil leakage?
If there is obvious oil leakage, it indicates that the machine is leaking.
Because oil and fluorine dissolve in each other, if oil leaks, fluorine will leak, and if fluorine leaks, oil will leak.

How to choose high-quality refrigerant?

The quality of refrigerants on the market varies from good to bad. In 2011, CCTV's "Weekly Quality Report" revealed that the current sample test pass rate of automotive air-conditioning refrigerants is less than 10%. The use of counterfeit refrigerants can provide cooling in a short period of time, but long-term use may cause refrigerant leakage, resulting in poor refrigeration effect of the car air conditioner, or serious damage to the air conditioner compressor, which will cost the car owner thousands or even more. Thousands of dollars in maintenance costs. Therefore, when purchasing refrigerant, be sure to choose high-quality brand and pure refrigerant.

Choose Chief R134a environmentally friendly refrigerant

Choose to define standards and lead the industry in pure refrigerant

As one of China's automotive air conditioning refrigerant product and technology providers, Chief participated in the drafting and formulation of the national standard "1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane for Automobile Air Conditioning (Aerosol Can Type)". Pure R134a environmentally friendly refrigerant guarantees a service life of 2-3 years.

Choose high-purity refrigerant for powerful cooling

Carvalho's R134a environmentally friendly refrigerant has a purity as high as 99.96% according to authoritative testing. It has rapid cooling and strong effects, easily bringing a refreshing experience to the whole vehicle in summer.

Choose the domestic product benchmark trusted by thousands of car owners

As a popular product, Cheval R134a refrigerant has been selling well since 2012 due to its high quality reputation. Quality assurance, leading in the country, has become the unanimous choice of many car owners.

Choose non-toxic and environmentally friendly refrigerant, safe and secure

At the same time, using an environmentally friendly formula, Chief R134a refrigerant is non-toxic, colorless, contains no harmful substances, is non-flammable and non-explosive, making it safer and more secure to use.

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Chief R134A environmentally friendly refrigerant
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