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Won the championship again, CHIEF Racing competes again in the Guizhou Mountain Cross-Country Heroes Club

Racing in the mountains, the Chief car shines in the audience

The more you fight, the braver you become, and ride in the mountains and cross-country! On April 8, the 2023 Guiyang High Slope Mountain Heroes Meeting kicked off with excitement. Following the success of the Guinness World Record challenge in the Kubuqi Desert, the Chief Racing Team once again performed well and won the championship of the open group and the runner-up of the women's group in this automotive cross-country race. Their hard-core strength once again won the recognition of the industry and media of great concern!

Racing in the mountains, the CHIEF car shines in the audience

In this cross-country race, the Chief Racing Team sent three powerful champion drivers, Qiu Lu, Liang Rong, and Lu Xiaoyan (female), to compete. Among them, Qiu Lu performed exceptionally well in this game. Not only did he win the open category championship in one fell swoop, he also challenged the professional category and won third place. In the fierce competition in the women's group, CHIEF driver Lu Xiaoyan won the runner-up in the women's group, adding another strength and glory to the team!

At the competition site, nearly a thousand off-road enthusiasts from all over the country and more than 500 competition vehicles participated, including puddles, craters, small jumps, V-shaped ditches, humps, mud pits, side slopes, S canyon roads, and double peaks. , triple peaks, consecutive jumps and other dangerous competition scenes are dizzying, providing the audience with a wonderful feast of "Fast and Furious".

▲CHIEF champion female driver Lu Xiaoyan at the competition site

As the strong backing behind every exciting racing event of the CHIEF Team, this year, while continuing to participate in various domestic and foreign automobile events, the CHIEF Group will continue to be committed to the event of "using a professional motorsport platform to create high-quality car care products" Brand Concept. After being tested on the track, Chief's high-quality car care products will continue to protect Chief racing cars in all aspects!


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