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Industry media have reported on it! CHIEF racing helps Guinness record challenge in Kubuqi Desert succeed

The CHIEF team perseveres and moves forward in the face of challenges

Recently, the second 100 UTV gathering event was successfully held in Kubuqi, the seventh largest desert in China. With outstanding strength, the CHIEF team persevered and forged ahead in the challenge, successfully crossed the Kubuqi Desert, and helped the all-terrain vehicle challenge the Guinness World Record successfully.

Regardless of the extreme weather, complex terrain and extreme physical challenges in the desert, this event received widespread attention and reports from nearly a hundred media and nearly 10,000 spectators. They cheered excitedly and applauded the car team and all participants. come on.

The arrival of the mysterious guest American car king Robbie Gordon also added more surprises and suspense to the event. As the annual champion team of the China Automobile Track Cross-Country Championship, with the full sponsorship of the Chief Group, the Chief Team has led the way in many battles over the years and has repeatedly won the championship in national-level cross-country events. Its strength has been unanimously recognized and praised. The success of this assistance is not only the pinnacle of glory for the Chief team, but also the best evidence that the Chief Group has always believed in "track-tested products".


In the future, Chief will continue to be committed to providing more reliable car maintenance products to drivers and injecting more vitality and power into the field of extreme sports.


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