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New product launch丨No need to dismantle carbon for smoother air intake

Chief's air intake system cleaner (pressure type) is newly launched, no disassembly required, quick and effortless carbon removal

If a car engine is compared to a human being, the air intake system is equivalent to the breathing system, providing a source of oxygen to the engine. After a car has been used for a long time, the air intake system is prone to carbon deposits. If it is not cleaned regularly, these carbon deposits will accumulate endlessly, which can easily cause engine vibration, power drop and other abnormalities. In severe cases, it may cause the engine to pull or explode abnormally. Therefore, regular cleaning of the air intake system is particularly important.

The air intake system is generally cleaned every 20,000 kilometers. The specific cleaning time needs to be determined according to the driving environment and the control method of the EFI engine. At present, the most commonly used methods for cleaning the air intake system on the market include walnut sand cleaning and dry ice cleaning.

Walnut sand cleaning is more environmentally friendly. It can "scrape off" the hard carbon deposits on the surface of the intake and exhaust valves through physical cleaning. However, it can only clean the carbon deposits on the surface of the intake and exhaust valves. The carbon deposits inside the combustion chamber cannot be cleaned, and the overall The price is higher. If there are any residues of walnut sand, it will affect the engine operation, increase engine wear, and lead to engine failure. Dry ice cleaning is also a physical cleaning. The effect is impressive, but the operation is complicated, there are safety risks, the sustainability is not strong, and the cost is also high.

So, is there anything that is both cheap and efficient?
How to clean the air intake system?

CHIEF's newly launched air intake system cleaner (pressure type) does not require disassembly. It has three effects in one. It can clean the throttle valve, intake duct and intake manifold in one step, and remove carbon quickly and effortlessly.

Contains active liquid components, which can effectively remove various sediments such as sludge dispersed in the air intake system. The formula is gentle and environmentally friendly. It is non-corrosive to metal, rubber and PVC materials in the air intake system and will not cause deformation of the throttle body. .

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