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Continuing to support terminal profitability丨Chief's intra-city car maintenance project is advancing in an orderly manner in the national market and has received rave reviews

Chief leads city operators and terminal partners to create a new model of car maintenance in the same city, helping customers break through the circle and make profits

Since the Spring Festival, the overall domestic situation has gradually improved, the economy has ushered in a wave of recovery, and the automotive aftermarket industry has quickly returned to normalcy. Similarly, after the policy liberalization, the automobile maintenance industry ushered in another new period of acceleration...

In an era when consumers pay more and more attention to quality and return to rationality, CHIEF strives to subvert tradition, innovate and upgrade, and comprehensively create new advantages for channel development. In 2023, Chief has the ability and confidence to lead the store out of the predicament and usher in new vitality and development!

In response to many pain points after the epidemic, such as the loss of old customers in stores, the reduction of new customers, outdated customer lock-in methods, declining profits, and difficulties in transformation, the Chief city car maintenance selection project was launched at the end of last year and has been highly praised and loved by terminal stores.

CHIEF maintain cars in the same city, the first innovative operating model in the automotive aftermarket industry

As the first attempt by traditional channels to embrace online new media, Chief Car Service in the City leverages Douyin's popularity to pioneer a new profit model in the industry that combines online and offline, uses Douyin to attract traffic through group purchases, and deeply binds factories and stores.

Relying on its strong brand influence and new media service capabilities, if you join Chief to maintain cars in the same city, the store can obtain many exclusive rights and interests such as Douyin group purchase offline, Douyin online order sharing, etc., and enjoy the share of online high-profit projects.



More regional meetings on car maintenance in the same city are to be continued...

Wholehearted service terminal. Since the second half of last year, the Chief city car maintenance project has been launched nationwide, and more dealers and terminal stores have participated.

In the first quarter of this year, we have made even greater efforts. We have successfully held 10+ city-wide car maintenance seminars in many places across the country to answer questions in an all-round way, help terminals clarify their development ideas, and lead everyone to boldly break the situation and welcome new opportunities, with great results. It is obvious to all and has been unanimously recognized and followed by stores.

▲The Chief Car Service Nanyang Station received an enthusiastic response, with over 1,500 online orders.

In a severe period when the automobile aftermarket is undergoing profound changes, Chief leads city operators and terminal partners to create a new profit model for car maintenance in the same city, which will surely better provide car owners in the same city with integrated full life cycle services of good car maintenance and fast car maintenance. Promote the industry ecology to be more stable and move forward. We look forward to more stores joining CHIEF to maintain cars in the same city!


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