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"Quality" respects 315丨With 30 years of ingenuity, Chief sets the industry benchmark with quality

Adhering to the ingenuity of domestic products and protecting safe travel, Chief treats every day as 315.

Integrity management is the foundation for the long-term and stable development of an enterprise, and Chief deeply believes in it.
From the beginning of its establishment, Chief has always taken integrity as the foundation of its business, strictly controlled product quality, safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, always adhered to quality first, and strived for excellence in the entire process of product research and development, raw material manufacturing, production inspection, etc., with quality As the cornerstone, win trust with quality and set industry benchmarks. Protecting consumer rights is not just a 3.15 event, but also every day!

▲Chief won many integrity honors such as "National Product and Service Quality Integrity Brand from 2019 to 2022" and "National Consumer Quality and Reputation Guarantee Product from 2019 to 2022"

High-precision scientific research, quality-based

Bringing together professors, doctoral students, graduate students from well-known universities at home and abroad, as well as high-level industry professionals, Chief has independently developed more than 1,000 car maintenance products, won 41 national patented technologies, and participated in the formulation of 8 national/industry/group standards.

With strong R&D support, it has been rated as "Nanchang Automobile Maintenance Products Technology Innovation Team", "Nanchang Advantage Technology Innovation Team", "National Epidemic Prevention Materials (Jiangxi Province) Key Enterprise", and "2022 National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise" ", etc., its scientific research strength is unanimously recognized by the government and industry.

Source control, safe production
Select high-quality suppliers from the world's top 500 companies. In terms of raw material supply, Chief uses raw materials from well-known domestic and foreign suppliers such as ExxonMobil, Dow, BASF, Dow Corning, Lubrizol, and Evonik Degussa to ensure that all materials are fully supplied from the source. Ensure product high quality.
As Asia's leading automotive supplies R&D manufacturer, the 200-acre Chief Nanchang Industrial Park is equipped with advanced automated production lines and leading technologies such as automatic rotary filling, automatic weighing, automatic packaging and sealing, automatic sleeve labeling, and EDA water treatment. Promoting the formation of every high-quality product.

Authoritative testing system certification

The Chief factory has passed many professional certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14000, IATF16949, GMP, etc., and the product pass rate in one inspection is as high as 99.9%.
Not only that, the strength of car valet care products has passed authoritative third-party testing, product quality has been professionally certified and evaluated, and product effect data can be seen. PICC insurance, worry-free after-sales service.

▲Chief Nanchang Industrial Park—Asia’s leading automotive supplies production industrial park

Refuse to be fake and shoddy, Chief is taking action

With high-quality products and considerate services, in 2022, sales of Chief products will hit a new high. Precisely because of Chief's high brand awareness, many counterfeit and shoddy products that copy Chief have appeared on the market. At present, Chief has fully upgraded the anti-counterfeiting packaging of its products and strengthened its crackdown on counterfeit and shoddy products in order to defeat them one by one.
In order to avoid being deceived, consumers are advised to look for the official Chief store or officially authorized store and the Chief brand endorsed by Louis Koo when purchasing Chief products. For counterfeit and high-imitation brands that infringe on Chief's legitimate rights and interests, Chief will strictly pursue their legal responsibilities!

Adhere to the ingenuity of domestic products and protect safe travel. Cheif will continue to go all out, treat every day as 315, and continuously improve product quality and service levels so that every car owner can use Chief products with confidence. Continue to contribute to the high-quality development of China’s automotive aftermarket industry and make the world fall in love with Chinese quality manufacturing!


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