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"Through the cold winter, even if the wind blows" the 2023 Chief Group Awards Ceremony was successfully held!

All senior leaders of Chief and hundreds of Chief family members gathered together to summarize and commend the past and look forward to planning for 2023

The spring breeze brings warm flowers and thousands of trees, and the business is full of joy. On the afternoon of February 24, the 2023 Chief Group Awards Ceremony with the theme of "Through the cold winter, even if the wind blows" was successfully held at the Shenzhen Chief Conference Hall. The ceremony was decorated with lights and colorful flowers and surrounded by flowers, creating a festive and warm atmosphere. All senior leaders of Chief and hundreds of Chief family members gathered together to summarize and commend the past and look forward to planning for 2023!

Leader’s speech and departure for 2023

The commendation meeting was first delivered by Mr. Huan Min, member of the decision-making committee of Chief Group and vice president of the company. Mr. Hu said: In the past year, Chief was able to withstand the pressure of the epidemic and achieve new highs in performance, which was inseparable from the hard work of every Chief family member. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone!

Then, Mr. Liu Yong, member of the Decision-making Committee of Carserv Group and vice president of the company, delivered a speech. Mr. Liu first reported on the overall performance and business model of Chief Group's online Douyin, Kuaishou, and e-commerce sectors in 2022, and proposed the performance goals of Chief's online marketing center in 2023.

Commend and award awards, walk with honor

In 2022, the epidemic situation recurred, the economy was depressed, and faced with many difficulties, a large number of outstanding individuals and teams emerged from the CHIEF Group. They faced the difficulties and worked tirelessly to achieve new heights for the company's development. They overcame obstacles and passed through the cold winter and handed over the most satisfactory answer in the past three years. As valet role models, they deserve recognition and appreciation!

Excellent employees/managers

▲Winners of the "Best Newcomer Award"

▲Winners of the "Quality Service Award"

▲Winners of the "Best Collaboration Award"

▲"Bright Star" winners

▲"Performance Star" winners

▲Winners of the "Most Potential Award"

▲Recipients of "Performance Elite Award"

▲Recipients of the "Outstanding Contribution Award"

The power of a person is limited, but the power of a team is infinite. Their spirit of unity and cooperation, their serious and responsible attitude towards work, and their fighting spirit that gets stronger with every setback are worthy of everyone’s emulation.


Service Team of the Year

▲E-commerce Division-General Management Department

▲Market Strategy Department

▲Finance Department

▲Logistics Department

▲Enterprise Management Department (including IT Information Department)

▲Shenzhen R&D Department

Annual Emerging Team

▲Offline Marketing Center-Project Group 2

Annual Sales Champion Team

▲E-commerce Division-Operations Department

▲Douyin Business Department

Chairman's concluding remarks


After the exciting commendation and awards, Mr. Wang Gang, Chairman of Chief Group, took the stage and delivered an important speech.

Mr. Wang first expressed his gratitude to all Chief family members for their hard work over the past year, and made two major plans for the company's future strategy. On the one hand, for overseas markets, Chief will work hard to find partners and seize the market share. market, develop customer channels, and actively cultivate overseas marketing talents. 2022 is the year when Chief will create miracles. In 2023, Chief will be the starting point of its 30th year and already has excellent international capabilities. CHIEF has the strength and confidence to go global and reach new heights in overseas markets.

On the other hand, Chief will continue to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, create a more secure and free working environment for employees, and fully respect the personality of each employee. At the same time, Car Servant will strive to improve employees’ sense of belonging and happiness in the company. In terms of specific implementation, Chief will start with small details, further improve the incentive system, improve employees' food, clothing, housing and transportation in the company, and continue to improve in many aspects such as the proportion of Chief employees' serious illness relief fund, so that employees can truly feel The company cares.

There is a long way to go in the future, and CHIEF will definitely live up to every employee's love and dedication to the company!

Work hand in hand to create greater glory

From the sea to the boundless sky, I am the shore; when the mountains reach the top, I am the peak. The peak of victory always belongs to those who dare to climb. In 2023, let us continue to carry forward the team spirit of being brave in innovation, hard work and enterprising, work together in the same boat, work hard, and use indomitable steps to create new glory for Chief and write a beautiful new chapter!

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