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Overcome changes and seek innovation, forge ahead with determination | The 2023 CHIEF Dealer Seminar is officially launched!

2023. , Cheserva will empower dealers across the country to move forward and win the future...

In 2023, with the good development of the epidemic, the country has been fully liberalized, the market economy is also recovering, vehicles are used more frequently, and vehicle maintenance will increase accordingly. The after-car maintenance market will usher in a new round of development. Expect.

However, the market environment facing sales channels is not optimistic. Transparent market prices, serious product homogeneity, lack of vitality in terminal stores, slow return of funds, high turnover of sales staff, rising operating costs, and the impact of online new media have always affected the development of dealers, resulting in lack of vitality of dealers themselves. Development is weak, still on the edge of uncertainty, and struggling to survive.

The beginning of spring is the golden period to seize opportunities. The beginning of spring is the beginning, and the beginning needs to be accelerated. In 2022, Chief has started the channel integration of maintenance products and lubricants, and has shown its unique advantages. In 2023, Chief has an insight into the market trends and dealer dilemmas, and will promote the in-depth integration of oil care channels, using Chief to With its brand advantages and marketing advantages, it has launched a number of advantageous product projects and solutions to empower the development of car valet dealers in a timely manner and accelerate its progress.

On February 8, the first stop of the 2023 Chief Dealer Seminar kicked off in Kunming. Maintenance product dealers and lubricant dealers in southwest China gathered in Spring City to seek common development, break through the siege and move forward in 2023.


Profitable projects to create a profitable product matrix

In 2023, based on the superior products of maintenance products and lubricants, Chief will change the single product sales model, form high-profit products and projects, create differentiated marketing, and enhance product market competitiveness.


Maintain cars in the same city and create a new offline marketing model

Combining the development advantages of new media and offline reality, in 2023, Cheif will further promote the same-city car maintenance project, form a complete closed sales loop through online empowerment and offline, and help Chief dealers quickly seize the spotlight and achieve leapfrog development.


Central warehouse construction to help dealers develop

In 2023, Chief will build on the advantages of integrating oil and gas channels to create a new operation model of urban central warehouses and county-level distribution warehouses to help dealers expand sales areas, improve product coverage, reduce operating costs, and increase overall sales.


Excellent dealers share – building a wolf-like team and achieving counterattack

Excellent Chief dealers were invited to share their operational experience on site, combining team building, product sales, product selling point extraction, promotion plans and other aspects of channel development to provide reference experience for dealers across the country.


Dealer awards ceremony

The 2023 dealer policy was released on site, and the ordering session became the climax of the event. The on-site sales order volume exceeded 10 million yuan.


Mr. Tian’s concluding remarks

Mr. Tian, the person in charge of the offline marketing center, made a concluding speech. In 2023, Chief will carry out offline channel sales from two aspects. First, it will continue to promote the integration of oil-based channels and create core large single products and profitable projects. And continue to improve the dealer and terminal store empowerment system; secondly, actively embrace online, promote the same-city car maintenance project, open up the link between terminal stores and dealers, and lead dealer customers nationwide through marketing innovation, product innovation, operation innovation, etc. Navigate changes and seek innovation, break speed and move forward to develop and grow.

The 2023 Chief Dealer Seminar is being held in different regions across the country, which will empower dealers across the country to move forward and win the future...



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