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The struggle continues and the speed is moving forward丨The 2023 CHIEF New Year Lantern Festival Carnival has been successfully launched!

In 2023, facing a new journey, all Chief will face greater challenges with a stronger body, a more positive attitude, and more powerful actions.

At the beginning of spring, all things come into being; when the Lantern Festival arrives, reunion is celebrated. On the fourteenth day of the first lunar month, the 2023 Chief Lantern Festival Carnival was successfully held at the Shenzhen headquarters! It coincides with the arrival of the Beginning of Spring and the Lantern Festival. While laughing and feeling the fullness of spring and vitality, the CHIEF gathered together to celebrate the festival, share the joy, and move forward at full speed towards a new year full of hope!

Greenway Hiking---Welcome the Spring Festival, Receive Good Luck and Run towards Health

The ceremony was full and we set out to welcome the spring. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, under the leadership of Mr. Wang Gang, the chairman of the group, all the friends of Chief gathered together and headed towards the beautiful Shiyan Lake Greenway in high spirits. Seize the buds of "spring" and run towards health, happiness and beauty. There was constant laughter and laughter all the way, and it was very lively.

Considering that the epidemic has just been released, everyone's body and mind have not fully recovered yet. This Spring Festival run is divided into two forms: greenway hiking and marathon running. As the starting whistle sounded, many "arrows" were seen passing by. Everyone exerted 100% of their physical strength and perseverance, chasing after each other, and enjoying the happiness brought by the national fitness movement together.

Along the way, the friends either ran with all their strength and challenged themselves; they adjusted their breathing and persisted in their beliefs; or they walked in groups of three or five, walking together. The sky is clear and everything is green, the winding trails are full of speeding figures, and even the air is full of passion for struggle.

It is worth mentioning that in order to ensure the safety of everyone on site, the considerate personnel and logistics team has arranged staff to provide good services at the starting point and at each checkpoint, and to provide supplies at any time along the way to ensure that all participants can participate without any barriers.

In the end, after fierce competition, the top three men and women from the CHIEF marketing department, logistics department, finance department, and sales department won the cash prizes of this event. Thumbs up for them!


Lantern Festival Carnival---Wonderful “Rabbit” Attack and Guessing Lantern Riddles to Enjoy the Lantern Festival

The first half of the greenway hike has come to an end. In the second half of the Lantern Festival, an outdoor theme scene was carefully arranged. The venue set up fun games such as lantern riddles, flying table tennis, lucky bouncy balls, and cup flipping challenges. Everyone was full of interest, actively participated, and enjoyed themselves.

Focusing on various lantern riddles, I pondered hard; I came prepared for each game and solved them one by one. They used their strength to win exquisite prizes and returned home with a full load. The entire event was filled with a cheerful and happy festive atmosphere.

Move towards the new and keep striving. This Lantern Festival activity to welcome the Spring Festival is not only a test of body and faith, but also a close integration with the group and employees. In the future, Car Servant will continue to increase its efforts in caring for its employees and organize various colorful cultural activities to enhance employees' sense of belonging and happiness, so that every family member can feel the warmth of the Chief family.

In 2023, facing a new journey, all car owners will face greater challenges with a stronger body, a more positive attitude, and more powerful actions. Embrace change and seek innovation, move forward faster and create greater glories!


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