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Innovation, Start, Fight for the Future丨2022 Chief Offline Marketing Center Year-end Meeting Concluded Successfully

In 2023, all Chief offline employees will have high aspirations and high morale. They will keep up with the company's development pace, move forward bravely, and jointly move towards higher goals.

Thousands of rivals fought to gain the upper hand and bravely took the lead. On January 12, the 2022 annual meeting of Chief offline marketing center was successfully held. Under the leadership of Mr. Wang Gang, chairman of the group, the regional managers and heads of each business segment conducted in-depth reviews and summaries of the work in 2022, and were high-spirited and confident in the upcoming 2023.

Affected by the epidemic, this meeting adopted a combination of "online + offline". Each major region conducted online summaries, and the main venue in Shenzhen held offline meetings simultaneously.

At the summary meeting, the heads of Chief's major regions across the country and the heads of back-office and project teams made detailed summary reports based on their respective work goals at the beginning of the year. By summarizing annual performance, investigating problems, researching countermeasures, and proposing plans, we further clarified our work ideas and clarified key tasks for 2023, striving to stay true to ourselves, create new ones, and break through strongly.

After listening to the reports from each business segment, Mr. Tian Bin, Director of Cheservo Offline Marketing Center, made the 2022 annual work report of the offline marketing center and conducted an in-depth review of the center’s annual operating performance and achievement of key annual tasks. We will continue to promote offline work in the market, products, marketing, management and other aspects next year, and have made careful planning and deployment:

Since the beginning of this year, in the face of an unoptimistic industry environment, Chief has been striving to be the first, fighting bravely to be the first, and working truthfully and pragmatically. The group's annual performance has increased by more than 40%, setting a new record in the past eight years. new highs. All the offline warriors are united, constantly seeking new opportunities amidst difficulties, holding on to the basics, and opening up new directions for development. This is a very gratifying change.

2023 will still be a difficult year for offline business and requires continuous innovation. On the one hand, with the deepening integration of oil-raising channels, it is still the starting point to continuously dig into and expand the terminal market and secure the base. On the other hand, it focuses on the creation of more large-scale single products besides fuel treasures. Combined with the professional attributes of the technical processing services of Chief Douyin live broadcast room, we will do a solid job in product services and explore the creation of popular products.

At the same time, positive changes embrace online. The Chief city car maintenance project has been successfully launched in Luoyang and other pilot areas across the country in 2022. In 2023, Tongcheng Auto will continue to attract customers to offline stores through short video platforms, focusing on helping regional dealers achieve deep binding of stores in the same city, and lead dealers and stores to develop and grow together.

As Chief celebrates its 30th year, standing at a new starting point, we need to look back and look forward. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Wang Gang, Chairman of Chief Group, shared his annual summary with everyone.

Mr. Wang said: In recent years, profound changes have taken place offline, and the Chief Group is also changing and making progress year by year. This is not just luck, but also the result of years of hard work. With the continuous strengthening of team adjustment and optimization, system construction and standardization, the group atmosphere is harmonious, all chief stalls are united, actively embrace changes, and the development prospects are clear and certain.

In 2023, in the face of the liberalization of travel and the improving situation of weak economic recovery, how can we break the situation offline? Don't be anxious, think calmly, set good goals, and do it with perseverance. At the same time, we will continue to innovate and change. As long as the direction is right, we can continue to move forward unswervingly. We must believe: as long as the environment is good, the Chief will definitely run faster than others!

Don’t worry about the road ahead, be confident and down-to-earth. Under the leadership of Mr. Wang, all Chief offline employees have high aspirations and high morale in 2023. They all expressed that they will keep up with the company's development pace, move forward bravely, and jointly move towards higher goals.


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