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New product launch丨"Reduce exhaust gas, increase power, and celebrate the New Year" It's absolutely right to use it!

CHIEF exhaust cleaner---without disassembly or replacement, clean the ternary catalyst, remove carbon deposits, deal with excessive exhaust gas, and improve the annual approval rate

As the most important external purification device in the automobile exhaust system

Once there is a problem with the three-way catalytic converter

Not only does it seriously increase vehicle fuel consumption,

Power drops, exhaust gas exceeds standard

In more severe cases, the exhaust pipe can burn red, causing the vehicle to spontaneously ignite.

The root cause of these problems

In fact, the three-way catalytic converter on the exhaust pipe is blocked by carbon deposits.

Thus affecting normal exhaust efficiency.


01. How does three-way catalysis affect automobile exhaust?

When an internal combustion engine burns, it will produce major gaseous pollutants and harmful substances that pollute the environment: carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, etc.

When high-temperature automobile exhaust passes through the purification device, the purifier in the three-way catalytic converter will prompt CO, HC and NOx to undergo certain oxidation-reduction chemical reactions. Among them, CO is oxidized at high temperature and becomes colorless, non-toxic carbon dioxide gas, thereby purifying automobile exhaust gas.

On the contrary, once the three-way catalytic converter is blocked, the oxygen sensor will not work properly, which will lead to the inability to accurately control fuel injection, air intake and ignition, ultimately leading to a decrease in power and an increase in fuel consumption.


02. If the blocked ternary valve is not cleaned, it will cause great harm!

In addition, three-way blockage will also lead to unqualified exhaust gas, which directly affects the annual inspection.

You know, driving to a repair shop to replace the three-way catalytic converter ranges from 1,500 to 8,000 yuan, and replacing the oxygen sensor costs about 500 yuan, which is not cheap. If you go to a repair shop to disassemble and clean the whole thing, the labor cost will be 300 or 400.

In this way, if you don't want to spend a lot of money to go to the repair shop if your car has a problem with the three-way catalyst, the most effective method is to develop a good habit and regularly clean the three-way catalytic converter. Not only does it help improve fuel economy and annual approval rate, it also saves money and worry and improves performance!


CHIEF exhaust gas purifier

——Multi-effect three-way catalytic cleaning agent




In order to meet the needs of three-way in-depth maintenance of automobiles, Chief has launched a new generation of three-way catalytic cleaning agent - Chief Exhaust Cleaner. Without disassembly or replacement, clean the ternary catalyst, remove carbon deposits, deal with excessive exhaust gas, and improve the annual approval rate. For moderately or lightly clogged three-way catalytic converters, the power soars and the cleaning effect is very obvious!


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