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The 2022 Macau Formula 4 Grand Prix comes to an end, with Chief helping to shine throughout the race

As the official car maintenance brand of the 2022 F4 Competition, Chief once again set out to compete and shine in the audience.

From November 17th to 20th, the 69th Macau Grand Prix came to a successful conclusion. As one of the important events of this Grand Prix, the FIA Formula 4 Competition is a well-deserved focus. As the official car maintenance brand of the 2022 F4 Formula One Competition, Chief once again set out to compete and shine in the audience. We provide our hot-selling maintenance products for participating vehicles to protect the rising stars in the competition throughout the entire process.

▲The Chief Executive of Macau presented awards to the winning F4 drivers on the spot


Continuous fierce battles, wonderful performances

As the world's leading street racing venue, the 6.2-kilometer-long Guia Circuit shuttles between downtown Macau and the mountainous roads. It has both super-high-speed areas where the horsepower can be fully unleashed and technical twists and turns. . It is undoubtedly a difficult challenge for drivers.

Young talents from all over the country competed fiercely with racing masters. Xie Yonglin, who set foot on the Guia Circuit for the first time, Zheng Yingcong, who was chasing Macau's first championship, and Liang Hanzhao, who was striving for the "three consecutive championships", gathered for the first time. The three masters gathered for the first time. The championship honors are in full swing, and the continuous battles are extremely eye-catching.

It is worth mentioning that the new generation driver Jing Zefeng also performed well in this F4 event, wearing the No. 56 car in blue, and won the third place in the second round of the Drivers' Cup. In the past many competitions in the FIA Formula 4 China Championship, Jing Zefeng has also stood on the podium with Valet on many occasions.


Chief maintenance, full escort

On this site, many of Chief's best-selling items have once again appeared one by one, and have escorted the drivers throughout the competition. As a leading brand in the industry, car valet maintenance products are rich in categories, powerful in function, and of excellent quality. They are widely used in various event scenarios, highly meet the service needs of racing maintenance, meet the high-quality reception specifications of Chinese events, and fully demonstrate the brilliance of "Chinese Chief" Style!

From continuing to support the China Autocross Championship, Rally Championship, the Silk Road Asian Baja Race, to the FIA Formula 4 Competition... Chief's pace on the track has never stopped. Competition after competition continues to improve the technical strength of the product and the global recognition of the brand.

As Mr. Liu Yong, Vice President of Carservant Group, said in an official interview at the event: "Having been deeply involved in the automotive aftermarket industry for 30 years, participating in the F4 racing car that symbolizes youth and sports, we continue to launch more personalized products that consumers trust and use. , Improving user experience has always been the driving force behind Chief's pursuit and product development.”

▲Mr. Liu Yong of Chief Group was interviewed on-site

In the future, while inheriting the spirit of the event and promoting the brand, we will participate in the research and development and improvement of advanced automotive technology and continue to promote the development of the after-sales industry. Chief will continue to carry forward the spirit of racing, develop more high-quality, high-performance maintenance products, better serve consumers, and strive to become the national brand chosen by car owners!



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