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Opening a new era of "low-carbon maintenance", Chief takes the lead in breaking through!

We are committed to creating low-carbon car maintenance solutions that are more carbon-reducing, energy-saving, and comfortable, and help more car owners achieve low-carbon and green travel.

Opening a new era of low-carbon maintenance

Practice with strength

Low carbon maintenance

Green travel


"There is no doubt that our planet is suffering from unprecedented disasters".

Over the past 200 years, humans have emitted trillions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is like wearing a "cotton jacket" on the earth. This has caused climate change to have an unprecedented impact on a global scale, and the global ecological balance is at a critical moment. been destroyed. Against this background, in 2020, my country took the lead in proposing the "double carbon" goals of "carbon peaking" and "carbon neutrality". We will strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060.

It is our duty to actively respond to the country’s “double carbon” call. As China's leading car maintenance company, Chief has always advocated and practiced low-carbon car maintenance, innovatively developed a series of environmentally friendly car maintenance products, and is committed to creating low-carbon car maintenance solutions that are more carbon-reducing, energy-saving, comfortable and safe. Help more car owners achieve low-carbon and green travel.


1. Low-carbon technology research and development leads the sustainable development of the industry

In terms of technology research and development, Chief has brought together professors, doctoral students, graduate students and highly specialized talents from well-known universities at home and abroad. In the past 30 years, it has continued to increase investment in research and development and innovation of environmentally friendly and low-carbon products. It has been authorized by the government as an "energy-saving and environmentally friendly car care "New Materials for Supplies" Engineering Research Center.

At present, Cheif has independently developed thousands of "earth-friendly, environment-friendly" car maintenance products, has 41 national patented technologies, participated in the formulation of 8 national/industry/group standards, and was successfully selected in September this year [National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise in 2022]. Use advanced technology as the driving force to promote the low-carbon and sustainable development of the after-sales service industry.


2. Large-scale green factories and smart manufacturing are more environmentally friendly

In terms of production and manufacturing, as Asia's leading automotive supplies manufacturing industrial park, Chief Nanchang Industrial Park is equipped with advanced automated production lines, effectively creating an efficient, high-standard, environmentally friendly and low-carbon manufacturing capability system. The product's one-time inspection pass rate reaches 99.9%, minimizing carbon emissions caused by discarding defective products.

While stepping up efforts to promote the low-carbon goal of the entire production and manufacturing process, Chief has also successfully passed many professional certifications such as ISO14000 environmental management system, ISO9001 quality management system, IATF16949 automotive quality management system, C-GMP, etc., and all Chief products adopt the Environmentally friendly formulas that meet national standards and strive to carry out low carbon to the end.


3. Energy-saving and emission-reduction products reduce the burden on the earth

Public data shows that there are 302 million cars in my country in 2021, of which fuel vehicles account for 97.2%, and the annual consumption of gasoline and diesel is about 260 million tons. According to statistics, every 1% reduction in fuel consumption can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 750 tons.

For gasoline and diesel vehicles, Chief has launched a series of fuel additives, lubricants, and products to control oil burning and oil leakage with the effect of saving fuel and reducing emissions. It strives to enable a large number of vehicles to reduce fuel and oil consumption and effectively reduce harmful emissions. Emissions.

Among them, Chief's popular Fuel Treasure series products are hard-core carbon removal and have won the "China Green Energy Saving Product Certification" for their strength. Improve power, reduce fuel consumption, effectively reduce exhaust emissions, and greatly reduce carbon emissions caused by car travel.

For new energy vehicles, Chief has launched a series of new energy vehicle maintenance products such as new energy organic coolant, new energy brake fluid, new energy gear oil, new energy plug anti-rust lubricant, new energy environmentally friendly refrigerant, etc. This series of products is suitable for all types of pure electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles, which can effectively extend their service life, reduce energy consumption, and help new energy vehicle owners travel low-carbon and safely.
In the future, Chief will further expand into the field of new energy vehicle maintenance, continue to accelerate technology and product iteration, and promote the development of new energy vehicle maintenance.

4. Low-carbon maintenance leader drives the industry green forward
Under the development trend where the "double carbon" goal has become a major trend, in the future, Chief  will further strengthen its own low-carbon technology innovation and product iteration, strive to become a benchmark enterprise for carbon emission reduction in the automobile maintenance industry, and strive to implement the low-carbon concept into Every link in the industrial chain creates low-carbon car maintenance solutions that are more carbon-reducing, energy-saving, comfortable and safe, helping more car owners achieve low-carbon and green travel.

At the same time, we will continue to play the leading role and responsibility of the leading automobile maintenance company, rely on strong R&D, production and brand strength to drive the green transformation and upgrading of the upstream and downstream industry chains and partners, jointly practice the concept of low-carbon development, and promote "double carbon" "The goal is achieved, and we will continue to contribute to protecting our planet and realizing sustainable development of mankind!"


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