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Focus on terminals and gain momentum in the same city丨Chief Lubricants is "winning" step by step and embarking on a new journey!

Chief Lubricants will lead dealers and terminals to break through the circle, ride on the momentum, and create greater glory tomorrow!

"Recurring epidemics and soaring raw material prices" are the lingering haze lingering over all lubricant dealers in 2022, and it is also a year of major reshuffle in the oil industry. "When the waves wash away the sand, you will find real gold in the sand." Chief Group has taken precautions and proactively adjusted its market strategy for the lubricant product line. It has refined its personnel and reduced administration, optimized integration, and achieved double growth in profits and sales against the market. This hard-won cannot be separated from this The dealers’ full cooperation and concerted efforts!














01 Two swords combined to focus on the terminal market

The cruel market environment has made us realize that "focus" and "change" are the key to a brand's long-lasting survival. To sail against the current and boldly break the situation, the CHIEF also has enough knowledge and confidence to forge a prosperous road!

Focus on the terminal market, strictly select dealers, strictly control the "entry" of wholesale circulation customers, and vow to truly precipitate Chief lubricating oil products from the source to the terminal. We don't care about the size of our initial customers. As long as we face the terminal stores in a down-to-earth manner and do our homework conscientiously, we are willing to accompany and support our customers to grow together. Focusing on these customers, we strongly support terminal store meetings, invest heavily in terminal store image building, and invest heavily in store training solutions...

After the integration of channels and business teams, car maintenance products and lubricants are of the same origin, and they work hand in hand at the terminal level. Oil products rely on the reputation of maintenance products in the past 30 years. Maintenance products will greatly increase the purchase share of Chief products in single stores by leveraging the major attributes of oil products, strengthen the adhesion between dealers and terminals, and reduce terminal development costs. and difficulty.



















































02 Embrace Online Car Ownership Selection in the Same City

"Thinking determines cognition, and cognition determines the pattern." Chief's marketing thinking has always been at the forefront of the industry. It does not hesitate to try and find the rope to break the situation. This has always been the essence of Chief's continuous progress.

Since the outbreak of Chief's new media business, it has become the company's most important growth pole, but what is more significant is the "mutation" of Chief's thinking. For offline business, embracing online may be the only way forward in the future: Borrowing Cheief's understanding of online thinking such as Douyin, it uses short video platforms to attract traffic to offline stores, helping regional dealers achieve deep binding of stores in the same city, thereby building more than 10,000 selected cooperative stores across the country. Ultimately, a perfect closed loop is achieved through online empowering offline.

Chief has started laying out this idea a few years ago, and some successful cases have been presented one after another. A single spark can start a prairie fire. In the fourth quarter, Chief Lubricants will continue to focus on expanding the pilot area for car maintenance in the same city, striving to involve more dealers and terminal stores, subverting tradition, breaking the market deadlock, and making breakthrough profits!
















































▲The Chief Nanyang Station received an enthusiastic response, with over 1,500 online orders.

Think before deciding, plan before taking action. Now, standing at the top of the development pyramid of the automotive aftermarket industry, facing a more complex and ever-changing market environment, Automotive Lubricants is more capable, determined and confident to lead dealers and terminals to break through the circle and take advantage of the situation. Create greater glory tomorrow!


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