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Monthly sales of 1,000+ pieces of high-end car care products! Looking at the 25-year gold medal dealer of Chief, how can it lead the market despite the epidemic?

Good sales prove good products, and good products highlight good brands! In the future, Jiahua Shunfeng and Chief will definitely get better and better!

This is the 25th year that Mr. Tang and Jiahua Shunfeng have gone hand in hand. As a car servant Ningbo city operator, like the city, every step of its development is in the context of the times.

From the 1990s when we kept up with the trend of the times, to the strong development and growth at the beginning of the millennium, to the continuous exploration and steady progress in the past few years during the epidemic. Over the past 20 years, we have experienced ups and downs and have truly witnessed the process of the industry from its infancy to its prosperity.

When looking back on the past, Mr. Tang said: "Love means making a choice and persisting in it no matter how difficult it is. Car maintenance is a path I have been optimistic about from the beginning."

Chief city operator——Tang Rending, general manager of Ningbo Jiahua Shunfeng

Take charge of development and stabilize the epidemic situation

In Ningbo in October, typhoons raged and epidemics recurred, but obviously this did not affect Jiahua Shunfeng's order shipments at this moment. "As soon as the weather gets cold, the peak period for antifreeze shipments comes again." As this batch of car maintenance product transport trucks covering almost the entire Ningbo area slowly drove out, Jiahua Shunfeng also officially started a fierce battle to seize the high-end winter market. So far, in just 10 days, more than 300 pieces of Chief organic antifreeze have been shipped.

Putting aside the many years of customer accumulation and brilliance created, in the past few years, in the face of the economic downturn and the generally sluggish epidemic environment in the industry, why has Jiahua Shunfeng's business been able to turn around against the wind and develop so well? Mr. Tang answered this question with his own personal experience: “It is generally difficult during the epidemic.

The limited market size, poor offline passenger flow, and the fierce impact of various online platforms will undoubtedly be a severe winter for traditional aftermarket channels. Externally, how can our customer repair shops survive and continue to make profits? Internally, how to closely contact manufacturers to generate income for the company so that employees’ income does not fall but rises? These two problems are encountered all the time and require me to solve them. "

1. Only be a service provider and provide warm services

"Since Jiahua Shunfeng was established in 1997, we have always positioned ourselves as a professional store service provider, not a trader." Talking about the company's core management policy, Mr. Tang immediately started chatting: "Our store service team, The main purpose is to provide customers with high-quality, cost-effective products while also helping customers save money. The sales manager is the customer's real product steward. Based on a detailed understanding of the customer's situation, he will carefully communicate with the customer. And according to customer needs, we select high-quality products, place orders and make plans, so as to provide customers with the most suitable products and services.

For example, we just short-sold the 5.1 high-end brake fluid of Chief in July. The Chief manufacturer is a big name in the industry, has good quality, and has good policies, so we are willing to purchase more. But the problem is that the market demand for ordinary brake oil has long been saturated. Where is the demand for high-end brake oil repair shops? Why come to purchase goods? At this time, as service providers, we must truly understand the real needs of customers and provide good customer service. "

"If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. High-end brake oil supporting equipment provides maximum technical support to the repair shop, instilling and digesting product concepts. In daily maintenance, the brakes must be inspected every time you enter the shop. Brake maintenance must be recommended when entering the shop, and more Further develop the brake system maintenance project. In this way, car owners and customers will feel professional and warm service, and safety hazards will be avoided. Customer satisfaction will be higher, which will naturally bring more passenger flow.

Of course, in addition to providing high-quality products from Chief manufacturers to help customers save money and make profits, we must also ensure every service detail is in place. For example, there have been so many customers requesting antifreeze in the past few months that the company's delivery fleet has been overwhelmed. The sales people volunteered to brave the scorching heat to deliver goods, help customers unload the goods, and personally move them to the warehouse and arrange them neatly. This matter is actually very small, but this is the "high sense of responsibility" that the company has always advocated. This is how customers can truly feel the importance of being served. "

2. Create traffic and keep up with the pace of CHIEF

"It is said that business is difficult to do, and it has been especially difficult in the past few years due to the epidemic. So how can we do it easily? Especially for those like us who only deal with terminals. First of all, we must choose the right high-quality manufacturer to cooperate with and follow the manufacturer's development footsteps. Cheif has always been the best choice for us!" Speaking of this, Mr. Tang obviously had a lot of emotional memories.

In 2019, with the impressive record of selling over 40,000+ barrels of large-scale Chief antifreeze in the off-season, Jiahua Shunfeng's dominance was established in one fell swoop. But as the epidemic sweeps across, the pressure on it is increasing day by day. At this time, through communication and communication with the Chief manufacturer. Mr. Tang promptly adjusted his market strategy and took traffic diversion, volume creation and profit creation as the clear directions for transformation and breakthrough.

From 2021 to 2022, as Chief subdivide categories, they will continue to launch various profitable and high-margin products. Mr. Tang led the team to decisively reorganize product categories. Based on skin care products, it has radiated popular products, large single products, profitable products, high-end products, etc. to form a strong product matrix and build a new store service mechanism.

"Thanks to the timely guidance of the car valet manufacturer's general direction and around the new store service mechanism, pressure has been turned into motivation. Now every quarter we launch a large promotion mechanism to meet customer needs based on the car valet product policy. Not only regular promotions , rebates, equipment investment, etc. In terms of price, Jiahua Shunfeng is unified and transparent no matter where it is, and eliminates kickbacks. In this way, the integrated alliance of manufacturers not only allows repair shops to choose to cooperate with us more confidently, but also makes repair shops cooperate with us. There’s a stronger connection.”

3. Employee motivation, seeking development and mutual growth

As a boss, Mr. Tang is meticulous and considerate to customers externally; internally, Mr. Tang’s meticulous attention has also won the unanimous support of employees. From year-by-year promotions and salary increases, to improved benefits, to weddings and funerals at home, to college and relocation, the full sense of ceremony from Jiahua Shunfeng is always indispensable.

"Society is impetuous, especially now that our employees are young people. They dare to work hard and are not afraid of difficulties, but they are also easy to give up halfway. So I have always advocated that employees must make money! Encourage them to learn independently, and the company provides various salaries Reward mechanism - progress rewards, ladder rewards, performance rewards... Only when employees calm down and feel at ease can they take the initiative to fight for themselves and grow." Watching these strong soldiers gradually become more mature day by day , Mr. Tang couldn't help but show a "fatherly" happy smile.

"The current building of Jiahua Shunfeng has been 25 years since the establishment of Shunfeng Trading and the choice of cooperation with the Chief brand! With the demolition and reconstruction of the city, we will move to a new self-built office building by New Year's Day at the latest .

The old tree sprouts new buds, and the old horse has a good saddle. As the epidemic continues, we have already prepared antifreeze for repair shop stores in advance. Since October 10th, in response to the high-end demand in stores, 300 pieces of Chief's organic fully synthetic antifreeze with a low freezing point of -50°C and a high boiling point of 131°C have been sold out. The promotion is currently in full swing..."

Challenges often coexist with opportunities. Mr. Tang and the Chief cooperate so closely, it seems to have been destined for a long time. From the prediction of the market environment, to the determination to face challenges, and finally to the determination to travel through mountains and rivers, it is not only a tacit understanding, but also the result of mutual trust and mutual achievements.

Today, Mr. Tang, who has passed his 60th year, leads Jiahua Shunfeng, a large team of more than 50 people, and is still full of motivation. "After so many years, "CHIEF" has no interest relationship for me. It is more like a brother who has grown up with me. It is famous, but it is close to the flesh and blood. It doesn't matter whether the love is deep or shallow, even in another 20 years, I will still choose Chief, a good national brand!"

Finally, when talking about his recognition and expectations for the Chief, Mr. Tang was full of pride. "The dealer policy has always been favorable to us, and they have always provided us with terminal service support. Even though we feel a lot of pressure, it is still the best help. I am very grateful to the Chief brand for its help over the years. Good sales volume proves good products. Good products reflect a good brand! In the future, Jiahua Shunfeng and Chief will definitely get better and better!"


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