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"Standing proudly on the top of the tower"丨Chinese CHIEF are the best, breaking the ceiling of the post-automotive Douyin industry!

As China's leading brand of car maintenance products, Carserver once again ranked as "NO.1 in the Automobile Industry Brand List"

Rise strong from the cold! If Douyin had a pyramid, it would be obvious that CHIEF would already be at the "top of the tower". ​

On October 9, the Douyin e-commerce ranking list for September was officially released. As China's leading brand of car maintenance products, Chief has once again been ranked No. 1 in the "Automotive Industry Brand List". It is worth mentioning that this is also the “ninth time” that Chief has dominated the screen this year.


Not to mention, from January to September 2022, with its high-quality daily broadcasts and brand activity, Chief has always been the "No. 1 Top 10 Brands in the Douyin Auto Industry Sales Sales", and has become the first Douyin single store in China to have fans. A first-tier automotive supplies brand with over 130W+, the cumulative GMV of the platform in 2022 has exceeded 420 million+...


Behind such amazing data, it is difficult to imagine that Chief was once a traditional manufacturing enterprise established for nearly 30 years, and it also spent the cold winter in the bleakness of traditional automobile manufacturers. However, in the rolling tide of the times, it actively embraced new trends, "crossed the cycle" along the way, subverted and reorganized itself step by step, and finally emerged victorious and broke through to new life.


 01 Content first: serving B-side dealers and embracing C-side car owners 

Time goes back to 2018 before the epidemic. At that time, the traditional automotive aftermarket was facing the pressure of rapid industrial transformation and upgrading. The problem of product homogeneity was becoming more and more serious, and the competition between offline big brands was becoming increasingly fierce. It was also this year that the online short video platform exploded in strength, a large amount of C-side traffic was firmly occupied, and live streaming began to enter consumers' horizons. Chief is also at a critical crossroads in brand transformation. "How will the future go and how will we break the situation?" As a traditional enterprise in a traditional industry, faced with a new tool like short video marketing that is groundbreaking in its impact on inherent thinking, how to follow the changes and bring new marketing vitality? For a long time, Chief has been ignorant and hesitant to start its business. Explore carefully.


On June 8, 2018, Chief's first Douyin video was released. Star spokesperson Louis Koo appears, and the account is positioned simply as a new platform for product promotion. After that, a number of self-written, self-directed, and self-acted videos covering brand promotion, product use, maintenance information, and service investment were released one after another.

I thought the water splash was too small to see, but I never thought that each one has a high exposure. The review video of Chief Fuel Treasure even went viral for a while, with nearly 10,000 likes and over 1 million exposures. Even in the background, there were messages from car owners directly begging for purchase...


Such clumsy attempts, which may seem like "headless flies" now, were undoubtedly like a ray of light in the dark night, which greatly allowed Chief to see the infinite hope of the new media path, and also made the people at that time Chief is even more determined to boldly "embrace change and break the online and offline ceiling." The future of Chief will not only serve dealers, but also truly serve C-end car owners.

After an initial test of the waters, the official Douyin account of Chief was officially launched in March 2019. It takes daily driving life as the main performance scene and involves various types of car beauty and maintenance explanations and teachings, such as "It only takes 7 steps to change a tire", "Can the air conditioning filter be cleaned?" "Fuel additive trap" "Waxing, crystal plating, car plating" Clothes, which one is better?". Eye-catching information, learning and entertainment, from the perspective of car owners, popularizing authoritative car maintenance knowledge, and professionally solving the real needs of car owners. ​

By continuously outputting high-quality original video content, as of June 2020, the cumulative views of Chief's official Douyin account have reached 110 million+ times, with 337W+ likes and 84W+ fans. Behind the sharp increase in the number of fans, likes, and traffic exposure, what has been gained is the direct trust of a large number of C-end car owners in Chief. This heavy trust has also laid a solid foundation for Chief to quickly realize traffic monetization in the next stage.


 02 Traffic monetization: high-quality delivery + Qianchuan traffic flow continues to detonate 

As we all know, Douyin is a labeling platform and an algorithm platform. While firmly grasping the C-side traffic, the biggest problem facing Cheservant at this time is - how to find more precise target groups at lower costs and with higher efficiency, stimulate their potential needs, and form an active purchase behaviour. "Content is the core, traffic is the tool." Traffic distribution needs to be matched with high-quality content, and there must be enough content to convert consumers. If product marketing wants more people to be exposed to information, it must consider traffic reach. On the basis of converted content, the traffic pool is used to initiate traffic by paying to achieve reach and conversion of users. The combination of the two complements each other. Obviously, through constant trial and error, Chief's entire operational thinking has become clearer. In the second half of 2020, with huge traffic as the carrier and continuous attempts and optimization of advertising creation plans, the sales of Chief Douyin Store increased by leaps and bounds. Cooperate with each car care scene, use easy-to-understand, concise and targeted advertising to hit the entire Internet, and conscientiously recommend the best car care products. At the same time, 24-hour after-sales service is online. Through the message area and interactive communication group, we answer questions for car owners and provide professional Chief guidance that makes car owners feel more at ease.

In 2020-2021 alone, through high-quality traffic placement, Chief Short Video has repeatedly achieved sales highlights of more than 10,000 orders in a single day. During the Spring Festival alone, a single product, Fuel Treasure, in a single store once reached a new industry high of 1 million+ (18,000 orders) in daily sales.


The popular little blue bottle fuel treasure has a daily sales of more than 40,000 orders. Even the traffic of the fuel treasure product on Tmall.com has tripled due to the leakage of Douyin traffic, "accidentally" realizing the integration of new media and traditional e-commerce. Two swords combined.


  03 Deeply dig into the layout: brand self-broadcast + live broadcast to bring goods, full explosion 

In addition to monetizing and driving short video content, the rapidly gaining momentum of live streaming is also another track that Chief has focused on from the beginning and continues to explore. Although live streaming has become more and more popular due to the epidemic at this time, it is not difficult to find that the leading anchors have steadily occupied half of the platform from beginning to end, frequently creating wealth myths. However, the real brand self-broadcasters are struggling to survive. Not only do they have a small share, but the amount of goods they bring is low, and even the bargaining power that should be firmly grasped is not worth mentioning in front of the head experts. So passive, why not just do it yourself? "Where there is traffic, there is business." After all, the performance of top anchors in bringing goods and the myth of making wealth are no longer far away from Chief. Chief has a complete upstream and downstream supply chain, a self-built factory, complete logistics and delivery outlets across the country, and an excellent industry reputation...all of this is ready. After a period of careful planning, in June 2020, the official live broadcast room of Chief officially launched. Professional anchors, all trained internally, are answering users' questions about car maintenance. They are also gradually fighting their way out of the long-term rivalry with the top anchors on the platform. From the initial 1,000, 5,000 to 10,000, 30,000, 100,000, 200,000, 300,000 every day... constantly breaking through the ceiling.

At present, the average daily GMV of Chief flagship store's live broadcast has reached 600,000+, and the cumulative GMV of the brand's live broadcast multi-store matrix has reached 2 million+/day. There are 10+ Douyin matrix accounts, among which the main account "Chief Flagship Store" has more than 1.3 million fans, the total number of fans of multiple matrix accounts has reached 4 million+, the annual brand exposure rate is 5 billion+ times, and the cumulative GMV exceeds 6 100 million +, both driving the explosive growth of brand reputation and product sales!



In 2022, the GMV of the 520 single live broadcast of Chief's Douyin flagship store exceeded 1.59 million+ for the first time, a record high. So far, the live broadcast record has been continuously refreshed, and it has exploded. In July, the live streaming GMV exceeded 27 million+, in August the live streaming GMV exceeded 42 million+, and in the past September, the live streaming GMV exceeded the 45 million mark...



04 Increase exposure: work with celebrities/industry KOLs to create a powerful product-effect matrix


It has to be said that there has always been a phenomenon worthy of attention in the automotive field - 98% of consumers are men. Male consumers are more inclined to consume rationally than women. To make their money, they must be in a place they are familiar with. In the field, impress them with positive role models and opinion leaders. Once they recognize your product and brand, they will become a repeat purchase group and recommend more friends to come and buy, forming "word-of-mouth communication". ”.

Based on the level of brand word-of-mouth communication, we have vigorously enhanced brand exposure and popularity. Since 2017, Chief has signed a long-term contract with the best actor Mr. Louis Koo as the brand image spokesperson, and has successively signed contracts with Hu Jun, Zhang Li, Xu Dongdong, Pan Xiaoting, and the world roller skating champion. Stars such as Guo Dan cooperate with in-depth product recommendation officers for athletes. At the same time, it has successively entered the live broadcast rooms of celebrities such as Luo Yonghao, Yang Lan, and Hu Haiquan, and has greatly increased the brand's national favorability by taking advantage of the powerful personal image and personality charm of stars and celebrities.



At the same time, the top experts in the automotive industry are often deeply rooted in the hearts of fans in terms of popularity and professionalism. Choosing to cooperate with them and shoot actual test videos of experts will naturally make it easier to gain the trust of users.

From 2021 to 2022, Chief has cooperated with Douyin influencers more than 10,000 times a year, and has long-term cooperation with many industry KOLs such as Senior Xiaogang, Brother Hu talks about cars, Lao Paoer in the car industry, Boss Cai, Chief Auto Laboratory, etc. While effectively harvesting huge traffic attention, it also achieved brand superposition diffusion and increased product sales.



05 Strength leads the way and drives industry innovation forward


In the past 4 years, I have been struggling from 0 to 1. After filling in countless pitfalls and paying enough tuition, the Chief finally used his own real experience to reach the bright road of "full bloom" today.

For Chief, the current success is not only the accumulated accumulation of the new media trend, but also adds more possibilities to the industry: driving industry upgrading, consumer brands trying to change lanes, and diversifying online and offline explore. All of these show the unique spirit of Chief, which is not complacent, not satisfied with the status quo, and pursues more possibilities for growth.

As Mr. Liu Yong, Vice President of Chief Group, said at the third quarter meeting: "No limits, no limits"! Peers in the industry either miss opportunities while waiting and watching, or do not participate deeply enough, and eventually fall behind. Chief New Media has fought all the way to the top, gradually widening the brand's moat with its first-mover advantage, but it also hopes to use its own successful experience to drive and help companies in the aftermarket to participate. "Everyone adds fuel to the flames." The market capacity that can be opened up by using new media is so large that it can accommodate more people and more companies to continue to create glory here.

Always subversive, always on the road. In the ebb and flow of the present, no one can always stand in the center of the spotlight. In the next step, the turmoil in agency operations in the Chief industry is about to start. Once it breaks out, it will surely be another "national carnival" in the aftermarket!


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