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Continuing to detonate, the order volume exceeded 2 million in 2 hours, and the 2022 Chief Luoyang Golden Autumn Order Fair came to a perfect conclusion!

Concentrate our efforts to seek a new way out for the development of terminal stores

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full of passion

The response was enthusiastic


Terminal store appreciation party

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Recently, the 2022 Chief Luoyang Golden Autumn Order Fair & Feixiang Terminal Appreciation Party of "Integration, Gathering Momentum, and Breakthrough with Ingenuity" concluded successfully. Leaders from more than 100 local stores gathered together to enjoy the delicious food while concentrating on exploring new ways to develop terminal stores.

During the short 2-hour ordering meeting, the atmosphere was extremely lively. End customers took the initiative to inquire and place orders, and the transaction volume on the spot exceeded 2 million!

 Linked with local dealers—Luoyang Feixiang empowering terminal 

As a benchmark dealer that has been working with CHIEF for nearly 10 years, Luoyang Feixiang Automobile Service Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the automotive aftermarket for more than 20 years. With high-quality products and services, it has developed into one of the top maintenance products agents in Luoyang. The number of end customers is large, the quality is good, and the Chief products are highly recognized. This linkage can be said to be a strong alliance to maximize the terminal's ingenious breakthrough.

1Car maintenance in the same city Profitable project creation1

At this thank you meeting, in response to the store's pain points, the team of professional marketing instructors from Chief provided useful information on car maintenance projects in the city and profit-free projects that provided a clear direction for the terminal's future breakthrough. The era when traffic is king has arrived, and repair shops must be aware of and actively accept and learn from it, find new profitable projects and products, and make every effort to break out of the cocoon and be reborn.


1Channel integration, Chief oil + maintenance products work together1

In the second half of the year, while continuing to increase the integration of car maintenance products and lubricant channels, we will continue to increase research and development efforts, subdivide product categories, and continuously launch new products. Chief will continue to help dealers focus on new channel expansion and VIP store development, provide marketing support, customer service, and terminal implementation assistance, and work together to create a new profit model for the industry in the post-epidemic era!

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