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[Guarding for love and heading towards the future together] Chief Love sponsors the 2022 Jiangxi Traffic Broadcasting Love Examination Charity Charity Activity!

It’s the college entrance examination time again, so I will take the exam with love and start again.

It’s the college entrance examination time again, so I will take the exam with love and start again. At 9 a.m. on June 2, the launching ceremony of the 2022 Jiangxi Communications Broadcasting Love Care Examination Charity Activity "Guarding for Love and Toward the Future Together" was officially launched at Jiangxi Radio and Television Station.

As a benchmark of caring private enterprises in Jiangxi Province, under the personal leadership of Mr. Wang Aimin, the director of the group's external relations department, Chief participated in and lovingly sponsored this public welfare exam care activity, fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and helping to open a direct route to the exam for candidates The main entrance to the palace.

▲Mr. Wang Aimin, Director of the Chief External Relations Department, was at the launch ceremony

▲Mr. Zhang Long, deputy director of Jiangxi Radio and Television Station, awarded plaques to representatives of caring enterprises

No matter the wind or rain, Chief is waiting for you, and the Chief will send you the test vehicle with love.

In order to allow candidates to arrive at the test center safely, conveniently and quickly, during the college entrance examination period, the loving test delivery vehicles fully sponsored by the Chief Group will provide free test delivery services to candidates in need to protect the road to the college entrance examination.

At the same time, the Chief has also thoughtfully prepared a "love test gift package" with a total value of more than 70,000 for the test-taking fleet, which contains daily disinfection and sterilization, summer cooling, vehicle maintenance and other travel essentials, which is full of practicality.

I wish the candidates a triumphant return with their titles on the gold list!

Neat and orderly traffic police lead the way. When the exam-delivery vehicles with loving stickers on them slowly drove out from the TV station, each one watched them off with heartfelt views, carrying everyone's best wishes for the candidates, and also full of the city's rich humanity. care. Candidates, we are waiting for your triumphant return!

My heart is with my hometown, my love is speechless. As a local enterprise in Jiangxi, Chief has always kept its corporate social responsibilities in mind over the years, never forgetting to give back to the society and contribute its love. Especially during the epidemic in the past two years, Chief has donated anti-epidemic disinfection materials with a total price of more than 3 million yuan, using practical actions to interpret the strong feelings of family and country and social responsibility of an industry-leading national enterprise. On the road of love, Chief is always taking action!

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