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Become one of the top brands on Douyin! Chief Douyin continues to explode, creating a ceiling for the industry!

Subverting the traditional sales model of the automotive aftermarket industry, it has officially become the first domestic leading automotive supplies brand with a single-store fan base reaching one million levels!

Subverting the traditional sales model of the automotive aftermarket industry, after nearly three years of strong development, Chief Douyin new media has successfully opened up a new avenue, driving product sales to explode. It has become the first leading auto supplies brand in China with one million followers in a single store!

In the fiercely competitive after-sales service market, as the first domestic after-sales service company to enter Douyin, the Chief Douyin flagship store has topped the monthly sales list of Douyin merchants many times since 2021. The brand GMV in 2021 is nearly 300 million. In the first half of 2022, which is about to end, the brand GMV has exceeded 200 million. It can be said that it is well-deserved as the "industry leader".

Precise layout, short video continuous output

In view of the passivity and troubles that most car owners have in daily car maintenance, as early as the beginning of 2019, with the rapid rise of the Douyin platform, the Chief Group has keenly sensed the opportunities, and the official Chief Douyin account came into being. Not only do we serve as users' professional maintenance teachers, but we also serve as their caring friends. Through the continuous release of original short video content, it has achieved original fan accumulation and laid a solid foundation for the subsequent explosive growth of Douyin content monetization.

Up to now, there have been dozens of Chief Douyin matrix accounts, headed by “Chief Flagship Store”. Among them, the number of fans of the main account "Chief Flagship Store" has continuously exceeded 1 million+, the total number of fans of multiple accounts has reached 4 million+, and the brand exposure has reached 3 billion+ times. Chief's phased "small goals" in product promotion and content monetization have been exceeded.

Leverage the huge number of rivers to continuously attract customers

Based on the algorithm logic of Douyin platform, how to quickly find accurate target groups at low cost and high efficiency, Chief flexibly used Qianchuan to divert traffic. The number of new materials per week is 2,000+, and the number of new plans per week is 5,000+. High-quality content is supported by traffic distribution, successfully achieving a surge in traffic.

In 2021, through high-quality traffic, Chief Short Video has repeatedly achieved sales highlights of more than 10,000 orders in a single day. During the Spring Festival, a single store’s single-product fuel treasure once reached a new industry high of 18,000 orders in a single day. Chief's popular small blue bottle fuel treasure once had its daily sales exceeding 40,000+ orders. Even the traffic of Chief Tmall's fuel treasure category tripled due to the leakage of Douyin traffic, effectively realizing the integration of new media and traditional e-commerce. The strong linkage of business.

Celebrity/KOL recommendation to enhance user trust

On the other hand, in order to further enhance user trust and rely on its high-quality reputation, Chief has chosen to cooperate with many industry leaders such as Hu Ge, Xiaogang, car industry veterans and other top Vs with tens of millions of fans to shoot actual test videos , the average amount of goods carried per game exceeded one million. At the same time, star effect is effectively combined with brand communication - brand spokesperson Louis Koo, Chief product recommendation officers Hu Jun, Zhang Li, Pan Xiaoting, etc., have settled in Yang Lan's live broadcast room, Luo Yonghao's live broadcast room, etc., effectively achieving a double harvest of brand exposure and product monetization.

▲Recent cooperation between Chief and industry KOLs to bring goods

In 2022, on the basis of continuing to innovate the forms and highlights of cooperation with celebrities and experts, Chief will also focus on demonstrating product scientific research strength, functions and quality to enhance consumers' loyalty to the brand. Contribute to the establishment of after-sales service industry standards and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

Brand live broadcast to enhance new marketing potential

In addition to its impressive record in monetizing short video content, Chief also performed well on the brand live broadcast track. All professional anchors came from internal training. While answering users' car maintenance questions, the average daily GMV of single-store live broadcasts of Chief Douyin flagship store has now reached 300,000+, and the cumulative GMV of the brand's multi-store live broadcast matrix has reached 1 million/day.

▲Chief Douyin live broadcast room matrix

In the first half of 2022, despite the repeated pressure of the national epidemic and rising to the challenge, the GMV of the 520 single live broadcast of Chief Douyin flagship store hit a new record high, exceeding 1.59 million. In the past 6.18 mid-year promotion, Chief Douyin once again topped the brand list and merchant self-broadcast list No. 1. Chief, with its strength, is unparalleled in the automotive aftermarket industry.

Full firepower, impressive results. There are many highlight moments that belong to the phenomenon of Chief Douyin, and I believe there will be more in the future. Let us look forward to the new media pilot of Chief in the after-sales industry. While promoting the development of the industry, it will lead more users to maintain and maintain their cars well, so that more people can enjoy the safety brought by traveling by car. experience. Cars need to be maintained, and Chief car care everywhere!

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