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2022 F4 China Championship official car maintenance brand丨valet once again escorts the event

With its strong brand influence and high-quality car maintenance services, Carservant helped the site to successfully hold the F4 Formula China Championship.

Recently, the second stop of the 2022 FIA Formula 4 China Championship once again started the exciting competition of speed and passion at the Zhejiang Ningbo International Circuit. "If you love a car, you need to maintain it, and China has Car Servant." With its strong brand influence and high-quality car maintenance services, China Car Servant, as the official recommended car maintenance brand of the 2022 F4 Formula Competition, has been with many drivers regardless of the weather, challenging the limits, and providing full assistance throughout the process. Our F4 Formula China Championship was successfully held.

F4 officially recommends car care brands Full escort

As the top domestic formula race authorized by the FIA, F4 formula has built a promotion path for young drivers to eventually enter F1, attracting countless young racing fans every year. As the officially recommended car maintenance brand for the 2022 event, Carservant is responsible for racing-related maintenance services and supporting the competition.

On this site, many of Chevalier's best-selling items are unveiled one by one, and they will protect the drivers throughout the competition. As a leading brand in the industry, car valet maintenance products are rich in categories, powerful in function, and of excellent quality. They are widely applicable to various event scenarios, highly meet the service needs of racing maintenance, meet the high-quality reception specifications of China's top events, and fully demonstrate the "Chinese car valet" Beautiful style!

It is worth mentioning that CD Racing team driver Zheng Hui, who is wearing the Ferrari jersey, once again performed well in this station and won the four-round championship, creating the most eye-catching Servant blue in the paddock of this station.

Laying out the needs of young people Live up to every love

Having been deeply involved in the automotive aftermarket industry for nearly 30 years, we have participated in F4 racing, which symbolizes youth and sports, and have continuously launched more personalized products that consumers trust and use. Improving user experience has always been the driving force behind Carvalier's pursuit and product development.

While inheriting the spirit of the event and promoting the brand, it also participates in the research, development and improvement of advanced automotive technology and continuously promotes the development of the aftermarket industry. The valet will continue to relay the spirit of racing and help Formula 4 complete the remaining two races of this season to see the glory tomorrow! September 29th - October 1st, Pingtan Station, Fujian. Stay tuned~~

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